Top 10 Best Cold Press Juicer Worth to buy in 2021

Are you looking for the best cold press juicer that should provide you more juice from fruits and vegetables?. The juicer has a sturdy design, is made with BPA Free plastic material, and produces less heat in the juice. That has less oxidation in the juice without spoiling the natural taste and color & should be within your budget.

If your answer is yes,

Then, you are at the right place because we have carefully reviewed the top 10 best cold press juicers and buying guides to eliminate all your doubts and confusion.

Each juicer reviewed in detail covering every possible aspect because we understand fresh juice lovers don’t compromise if the cold press juicer is not:

  • Easy to operate
  • extracting more juice
  • Less heat up
  • slow speed powerful motor
  • Providing more nutrients
  • For all kind of fruits & vegetables
  • Durable and solid design

For the people who don’t know the sensitivity of minerals and vitamins that how much these are essential for the health, they will intend to buy the fast juicer because they are not aware of the best juicers available on the market.

A fast juicer extractor reduces the juice extraction time, but it doesn’t mean that you will get all the minerals of the fruits or vegetables; the reason is fast juicer will burn the nutrients as it gets hot. So, you can’t take it as the best juice extractor.

Best Cold Press Juicer 2021

Many companies have introduced a slow press juicer to avail of this opportunity. These cold press juicers are getting famous among peoples because of their key features.

This Juicer Machine can be equally used as a fruit and vegetable juicer due to its quality to extract the juice from fruits and vegetables as compared to conventional juice machines.

What is a Cold Press Juicer?

The cold press juicers are slow; they first crush the fruits and vegetables and then press them to get the juice from fruits and vegetables to extract the high yield of minerals and vitamins. Their slow speed doesn’t produce the heat; that’s why you get the juice with a high yield of minerals and vitamins.

This cold press juicer emits dry pulp and fiber. These cold press juicers are also known as masticating juicers.

Why this cold press juicer or slow juicer is becoming the first choice of the peoples as “Best Cold Press juicer” in the juicer presser category, there are some key points and reviews that make it the top juicer available on the market.

Hold On!

If you are worried about which cold press Juicer you should buy, then be with us. Below, we will show you the Best Cold press juicer review that will fulfill your need and help you to select the best Cold press juicer.

Key Features of Best Cold Press Juicer

Speed: They are slow; that doesn’t mean they are not efficient, but they provide you the more minerals and vitamins available in fruits and vegetables. This quality of masticating juicers makes them the best machine for juicing.

Long-Lasting Juices: This Slow press juicer gets all the minerals from fruits and vegetables so you can keep these juices in the freezer for 72 hours without losing any essential vitamins.

More Minerals and Vitamins: This cold press juice Machine provides you more vitamins and minerals naturally embedded in fruits and vegetables because they don’t get hot and don’t burn the natural vitamins while extracting the juices.

Dry Pulp: This kind of extract juicer produces dry pulps because its slow speed takes out every drop of juice from the fruits that other fast juicers are not able to provide you.

Things to remember while buying a Best Cold Press Juicer

When you start searching to buy a cold press juicer online, you probably ask few questions from yourself as below,

where can I get a juicer
what kind of juicer is best
where to buy a good juicer
what’s the best juicer to buy
what masticating juicer to buy
what is the best cold slow processor
who makes the best cold press juicer
which brand is the best cold press juicer to buy

Here, we will provide you a brief guideline about the main key points that should be kept in mind while selecting a cold press juicer.

Material’s Quality: When you are going to buy a juicer, you must focus on the quality of the material used to manufacture it. Make sure that the manufacturers have used food-grade plastic and BPA-free parts directly in connection with fruits and vegetable juice. If it is used to store the pulp, then it is ok. BPA is not that much harm but better to avoid it.

Easy to Use: Its operations must be easy to understand so that you can use it by yourself after reading its manual. Only a few juicers are typical to operate. It means you don’t need to consult the manuals every time. It should be user-friendly.

Easy to Clean: Every time you will use the juicer, then you will wash it or clean it. Try to buy that you can easily clean it or wash it. There are some self-cleaning juicers available in the market, and you can also check them.

Easy to Assemble: At this point, you should keep in mind that the juicer you are going to buy must be easy to assemble like every time you will clean or wash the juicer, it should be easy to re-assemble it. There should not be any complex joints or points to fix them.

Less Noisy: Some juicers produce noise while extracting juice. So be careful that the juicer must not be noisy, or if shop keeper permits, you can check it over there that the sound is not more than your tolerance.

Now, we will review the Best Cold press juicers available in the market and check their features, performance, and specifications according to the feedback of their users.

Best Cold Press Juicer for 2021 in-depth Review 

We have selected some best cold press juicers based on their technical features, personal experiences, and the top views given by the users. The below list we have compiled with care and reviewed to provide its user the best of the practices to decide that which is the best cold press juicer for him to have in 2021.

ProductSpeed/Motor Price
Omega Juicer NC900HDC Juicer Extractor
AICOK AMR52180rpm/2HP
Omega J8006HDS Nutrition Center 
Tribest GSE-5050 Greenstar110rpm/2HP
Hurom Elite HH-SBB1143rpm/2HP
KOIOS Juicer, Slow Juice Extractor80rpm/2HP
AMZCHEF, Slow Juice Extractor80rpm/2HP
Tribest Slowstar SW-200047rpm/9HP
Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer-B6000S60rpm/2HP
Breville BJS600XL80rpm/2HP

1- Omega Juicer NC900HDC Juicer Extractor– Best to have in 2021

Omega NC900HDC has the same motor as its sibling J8006 that is also an Omega series item, but the company has made some improvements in its designs that extract more juice than its preceding models available in the market. it is one of the best omega juicers to provide quality juice and efficient in extracting the high yield of nutrients.

Appearance & Material

This new model of Omega NC900HDC came out with a new glossy look with a beautiful design and sleek chrome finish. It is the most elegant and clean-looking horizontal juice machine.

This NCHD900HDC new and improved design allows it to stay unmoved and firm on the flat surface while you are operating it and eliminating the noise when you remove the stubborn suction cups.

Because like the other Omega models, this model doesn’t have the suction cup under it. It doesn’t mean that it is manufactured with sturdy material so you need to press it with full force.

If you apply a little hard power on the pusher, the juicer may tend to tip ahead, and you will need to keep your hands on it to grip it. Use it with care like you treat your kids and operate it gently with less force to press the items.

A bigger chute in this model makes it prominent as compare to the company’s old models introduced before. Remember, while using this juicer, even you can’t put the whole apple into the chute, but now you don’t need to cut it into many small pieces.

Prepping time is almost reduced by one-third or a half, but that maybe not so much to mean to you if you are using it occasionally.

But for the people who are juicing every day that cut-off of 5 minutes for prepping time means a huge difference for them. That is also a quality of the best cold press juicer to reduce the time that you can utilize somewhere else for essential works.

Top 5 Cold Press Juicer under 300


Assembling & Disassembling

This NC900HDC mode is straightforward and easy to assemble and disassemble, even you don’t need to consult the manual whenever you wash it and then re-assemble it.

Likewise, the other juicers peoples had complained that when they bought it then assembled it at home, they have spent enough time to get it ready for use, and they keep the manual before their eyes to fix the joints.

If while the working screen is broke down, then you still have the warranty to claim from the company, and they are fast in replacing the parts. But for this, you may have to wait a bit longer, and that may is another hectic for you. So, use it with care and keep it operational to avoid these hectic.

Tasks It Can Perform

It might be the best cold press juicer 2021 you have seen in the market. It’s plenty of manual setting benefit you to get the maximum yield of nutrients from a wide range of fruits and vegetables.

Extracting Juice from thick fruits & Vegetables

Either it is apple, beets, ginger, celery, or any other hard fruit or vegetable, the NC900HDC has no problem getting the juice from all of them without screaming. this juicer is equipped with a 150-watt motor that is strong enough to squeeze the ingredient to extract maximum juice with dry pulp.

The different set levels allow you to get the juice from hard fruits or veggies like beetroots & carrots if you set it at level 5, and it will surprise you to give you a high yield of liquid from them.

That quality makes the omega cold press juicer the best masticating juicer 2021. This slow juicer provides you high yield from fruits; just put the fruit juices in low quantity so the machine can work uninterrupted as it is a slow juicer, so work slowly to get better results.

Juicing Celery, Leafy Greens & Wheat Grass

Undoubtedly, the Omega NC900HDC is the best omega juicer for leafy greens because its slow-speed motor doesn’t burn the mineral in the leaves that increase the extraction of more nutrients for the consumer.

It does an excellent job to extract the juices from all kind of Juice able vegetables and fruits those are grown on the earth, like, spinach, kale, etc. it is

To get the high yield of juices from fruits and vegetables to keep its speed at five, and its dual-stage extraction auger will extract every single drop from the object put in the chute, leave the pulp dry like grain straw.

As this juice machine can work correctly on leaves, experience juicer lovers know that juicing the apple, celery and leafy greens will keep the juice extraction process smooth, they just need to keep the speed at level 5 and continue their job. It is also known as a juicer for celery because it works fine while extracting juice from celery.

Juicing Soft fruits & vegetables

While the NC900HDC juicer provided several options to its users, you can also get juice from soft fruits like grapes, berries; even it can make citrus and tomato juice too.

If you are willing to keep more fiber in juices, then freeze the fruits and put them into the machine. They will give you healthier, tasty, and nourishing smoothies and even a better way to enjoy the juices.

Making Nut Butters & Baby Food

The NC900HDChas power full slow speed motor even you can crush the nuts and prepare the baby foods.  You can also Extrude pasta, grind coffee and spices, turn nuts into nut butter, grind frozen desserts, mince herbs and garlic, and whip up soy milk in minutes.


Cleaning is an essential part of keeping the tools operational without any fear of losing their productivity. This juicing machine is straightforward to clean after juicing activities. You just need to disassemble the parts and wash them and let them dry then assemble them again for the next use. It is as simple as just operating it. The juicer easy to clean and assemble with just a few detachable parts

Final Word

Omega NC900HDC juicer offers a large feeding chute along with a slow-speed motor that yields more juice from fruits and vegetables, and its slow-speed motor helps you to get the maximum juice from your expensive fruits/veggies without burning the nutrients. That’s why it is in the line of the top 10 masticating juicers available in 2021.

  • Two-step safety start system
  • Food hopper with lid
  • Built-in auto-purifying system
  • Less Noisy
  • The machine stops automatically if fully loaded
  • A little bit expensive
  • Needs to cut the fruits in small pieces for juicing


2-AICOK AMR521– Best Slow Juicer 2021

Juicing at home is fun that most juice lovers often enjoy because when juicing by yourself gives you more satisfaction as compare you are buying from any shop. Every juice lover is always conscious about health and the nutrients he wants to intake.

Of course, juicing in front of your eyes with your own hands gives you a pleasant experience as well as all the required mineral those are helpful to keep you healthy. Aicok has introduced the cold press juicer that will provide a high yield of juices that insists you love to have in your kitchen.

Appearance & Material

This Aicok slow juicer is a bit cheaper as compared to the other juicer available in the market. But it doesn’t mean that it is less productive.

Aicok has launched this product in black color with a BPA-free plastic body. Its slow speed of 150 Watt motor works at 80 RPM that is good to produce healthy juice at home.

This Aicok slow masticating juicer has an upgraded spiral system that system has more efficiency in extracting more juice with minimal oxidation.

Its quiet motor takes 110v which is less noisy as compared to other juicers in the same price range. This Aicok juicer has obtained the UL, ETL certification which is another sign to prove its quality and overall functionality.

Its reverse function is adding value to its functionality, so the fruit vegetables will not be clogging in the auger. Its spiral consists of PMMA material that doesn’t change the taste of juice even the kids can enjoy the juice extracted through it. This mini juicer has good performance that makes it popular among users.

Assembling & Disassembling

Assembling and disassembling this best beginner juicer is much more comfortable even it will take you less than two minutes to assemble and disassemble it. Its one-button One-button disassembly allows you to disassemble its main parts in one go. So you don’t need to separate all the parts one by one.

Its six detachable parts are the squeezing chamber, the tray, the pusher, the auger, the end cap, and the filter are easy to dismantle, and you can fix them again with no hassle. You don’t need to read the manual again and again if you a regular user of this juicer.

Tasks It Can Perform

Its seven spiral segment auger technology provides help to provide your maximum yield of juices from plenty of fruits/ vegetables and leafy greens. Let’s see below how to offer you the juices, as mentioned above.

Extracting Juice from fruits & Vegetables

This masticating juicer helps you to get eh juices from fruits like apples, carrots, cucumber, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, turmeric, yakon, pumpkin, pineapple, watermelon, ginger, garlic, beetroots, broccoli, asparagus. The Aicok juicers are not only affordable but also versatile to perform their duties.

Its seven spiral auger squeezes the maximum juices from tall these vegetables with minimum oxidation that keeps the juice fresh for 72 hours if freezes as compare to centrifugal juicers. In our view, it is the best juicer for beets.

Even you can get juice from soft fruits like grapes, berries, and lemon to a high yield of vitamins. So, the fresh citrus juice is a just button away from you.

Juicing Celery, Leafy Greens & Wheat Grass

This slow juicer is very good with leafy greens, as it takes out every single drop of mineral and vitamin juice from them and ejects the dry pulp. This function makes it prominent in this range, and the price of cold press juicers those others are not able to do so.

This small juicer provides foam-free juice as the fast juicers leave the foam layer over the juice. So this best cold press juicer provides a pleasant drinking experience eliminating an unwanted layer of foam on your juice.


You can easily clean this juicer after using it. The one-button disassembling function provides this facility to take less time to dismantle and wash it. Before washing it run some water when the switch is on to take trough out all the fruits and vegetables remain. Then turn off the switch to disassemble it.

You can simply wash all the datable components in the washbasin with gentle warm water. Wash its strain with a brush to leave the fruit’s remains if struck it. this is one of the juicers easy to clean and no extensive efforts are required to clean it.

Final Word

This is a low-budget cold press juicer with a seven spiral segmental auger that provides your foam-free juice for all the vegetables and fruits. It is a good juicer for leafy greens as it minimizes oxidation. One button disassembling is also one of the useful features of this product in this budget and also among the best buy juicers that you will never regret.

It also safe for children’s as it has used the PMMA verified material. Its reverse button function prevents the clogging in the auger, and slow speed motor doesn’t make so much noise that can irritate some.

  • Low budget juicer
  • Perfect wheatgrass & leafy greens
  • More juice extraction
  • Single-button disassembly function
  • UL, ETL certified
  • Prevents clogging by reverse button
  • Small chute so more prepping time
  • Not suitable for nut butter and peanut butter


3-Omega J8006HDS Nutrition Center  Best Masticator for money

This 5th Generation slow juicer Omega J8006HDS among the top juicers ranked on amazon’s long list of cold press juicers, with thousands of positive reviews from the buyers that show their satisfaction with this juicer at a price that is not easy to beat. This juicer has a lot of features that we will discuss below.

Appearance & Material

This 5th Generation cold press masticating juicer has a pretty look in chrome metallic color that gives shine to this machine. Most parts are made of plastic, and US FDA approved Melamine that reduces the chances of risk to health. So, there are almost low chances of long-time exposure to heat.

It has a built-in handle that makes it easy to move it anywhere at home. There is less risk of slipping from hands.

Its first appearance looks very solid with melamine body and suction cups underneath help to stick on countertop and table surface that is much comfortable for the many juicers who love to take juices regularly.

It has an 80 RPM single auger with a dual-stage juicing system. Its slow-speed 2HP motor minimizes the heat build-up and less oxidation that keeps the juices fresh for long hours and doesn’t produce the heat. This juicer machine has three adjustable pressure settings and an extra-large feed tray that helps you reduce your juicing time.

Assembling & Disassembling

This juicer is super easy to assemble that may take less than two minutes to you to assemble it, it five detachable pieces that are easy to assemble and a lock system to fix the juicing chamber is an extra feature that sticks the tight the parts.

De-assembling the same machines is as easy as assembling it, just rotates the lock button anti-clockwise, and the main part will be untightening.

A lot of peoples who are juicing every day have viewed it as the super-easy juicer to assemble even the first time you don’t have to consult the manual time and time even a beginner can install all the parts on one go and doesn’t need any assistance to assemble all the parts and undoubtedly best juicer for beginners.

Tasks It Can Perform

This cold press juicer is very famous among juice lovers because it can perform multiple tasks to provide more satisfaction to its users, that’s why it is one of the best cold press juicers available in the market due to the function it performs .let have a look it key features those the juice love to have it in their kitchen.

Extracting Juice from solid, thick fruits & Vegetables

This slow juicer can get juice from dense, solid fruits and vegetables without screaming or clogging the residue in the auger panel. This juicer can easily take out eh nutrients and vitamins from ginger, beetroots, apples, carrots, pear, and almost all the juiceable fruits and vegetables that nature has created.

This slow juicer is also known as the best ginger juicer among users because it extracts the juice from ginger easily.

One thing that you need to do is cut all the juiceable ingredients into pieces to get good results so that the fruits or vegetables must not stick in the chamber. It is only a precautionary measure that should be kept in mind to increase this masticating machine’s life span.

It is not as efficient as the twin gear juicers, but it has no problem either to provide you healthier, and nutrients filled juice.

This slow-pressed juicer provides you quite better juices from fruits and vegetables with a high yield of nutrients and less oxidation that keeps the juices fresh for more than a couple of days.

Juicing Celery, Leafy Greens & Wheat Grass

Why most of the peoples opt to buy the cold press juicer instead of centrifugal juices is, the reason is that they are more useful to get the juice from leafy greens, celery, wheatgrass and other same kinds of vegetable.

The slow speed of cold press juicers is that they can extract every drop of mineral from these leafy greens and ejects the dry pulp that is proof the peoples love to get healthier juicers through these slow machines.

This Cold-pressed juicer is the romance of most juice lovers because this juicer squeezes maximum juices from leaves and doesn’t burn their vitamins, unlike the centrifugal which sometimes shoots leaves in the pulp jar. Just cut the veggies into small pieces and enjoy the juicing on your own.

This machine works better for these leafy greens like cabbage, kale, spinach, and other natural products. So, enjoy the best from nature the vitamins embedded in its natural products for the human being on the earth.

Juicing Soft fruit, vegetables & nuts

This juicer is as good for soft fruits as for hard fruits and vegetables, you can easily juice the grapes, cranberry, and cherry. However, you need to note that it is not able to make the banana juice at all, but your freeze the banana and use that frozen banana, and it turns it into smoothies.

There is something to see that this machine is more than a cold-press juicing machine that can grind the pepper and coffee, even you can mince the herbs too. With a lot of options, you can make nut butter, nut milk, and also, it is easy to make pasta.

Its adjustable end cap five settings facilitate you to multiply your mixing ingredients to get better vitamins and nutrients as you wish to mix them for a healthy juice experience.


Cleaning this juicer is very easy. The special cleaning brush helps you to drain out residue inside the auger chamber. As omega has suggested that soak all the parts in warm water for 30 minutes, add some detergent soap in it, and then scrub gently to clean the remains. Just let them dry for the next use. this is the easiest juicer to clean.

Final Word

This Omega J8006HDS at an affordable price offers you a lot of options to get the juices at home from plenty of fruits and vegetables. It doesn’t burn the vitamins because of its low speed, and the dual-stage juicing system keeps the juices fresh while extracting from fruits. You may like to have it in your kitchen after reading its salient features.

  • The low-speed motor doesn’t heat the juices
  • Less Oxidation and fresh juices for long hours
  •  5 adjustable settings for end cap
  • Less Noisy
  • Affordable price
  • 15 Years Warranty
  • Needs to cut the fruits into a small piece for juicing
  • Not able to make sausages


4. Tribest GSE-5050 Greenstar Best Masticating Juicer

If you are running a small business of juicing and want to provide the best juices and want to convert every customer into regular customers, then this Tribest Juicer would be a good option for you.

Because most of the time every customer is judgmental and expects more from you want you are offering them so, the Tribest juicer provides you enough quality to extract the juicer.

This Tribest technology helps you to get the maximum yield from juices with no wastage of minerals and vitamins. Its Twin gear technology does leave a single drop of juice in fruit and vegetables. This Tribest juicer is useful for small businesses as well as a good addition to your home kitchen.

Best Cold Press Juicer

Appearance & Material

This Tribest GSE-5050 juicing machine with 27 lbs weight is the heaviest machine on this list.  It has twin gear technology that enables it to grind, cut, and make juices rather than a single auger juicer. Its slow speed of 110 RPM gets the high yield of juices from fruits and vegetables.

This sleek design by Tribest comes in 3 colors in White, Black, and chrome that make it a stylish masticating juicer.   It has all stainless-steel bio-ceramic magnetic twin gears that safeguard it from rust, and you can wash it and dry it.

Its body and other parts are BPA-free plastic that is another additional feature of this product.

Greenstar has added a safety feature in its machine that is a safety switch system attached with a safety hood that eliminates the injury chances when the parts are moving to get the juice. This safety hood disables the operation when the hood is removed.

Assembling & Disassembling

As you know, this is a twin gear machine, so its assembling and disassembling is a little bit different from other single auger juicer machines. But it is not the match hard to dismantle it. You can change its locking system from removable turning knobs to a stationary latching system that helps you to disassemble it quickly and then reassemble it without our spending much time on it.

It comes with a few screens and nozzles that you will not often use, so handling this machine is not that much difficult.

Tasks It Can Perform

This twin gear juicer and its allied accessories come with it can provide you some additional benefits that it can be used for small scale business as well as it can work as a food processor at home and business too.

Extracting Juice from solid, thick fruits & Vegetables

This cold press juicer has stainless steel twin gear system with hard teeth that cut the fruits into pieces; meanwhile, the chamber is busy extracting the juice that keeps the chamber work smooth and gives you the maximum yield of juices from what you put in the chute.

Its strong motor allows you to set the speed that can adequately handle the full range of produce without jamming or clogging in the juicer chamber.

Different food and vegetables require different levels of pressure; in this machine, you can set the pressure at different desirable levels according to the thickness of the fruits and vegetables to provide you the result most effectively.

As long as this twin gear chamber takes out all the juice from fruits, it ejects the dry pulp and keeps the entire minerals in the juice.

Juicing Celery, Leafy Greens & Wheat Grass

This cold press machine promises to do wonders with leafy greens, like celery, wheatgrass, etc. if you were using the conventional juicers before then, it will surprise you to give you much more cold-pressed juice you can easily get from spinach and other thick leaves.

Its sharp blades cut down the leaves and take out all the vitamins in liquid shape out it.

Its heavy-duty jumbo twin gears are designed to get the maximum juice from items you put in the chute and provide thick and healthy juices to its users through its magnetic and bioceramic technology that extends the juice processing technique from two to three stages.

We honestly have no idea how it works, but you can check it by yourself and compare it with other juicers.

Juicing Soft fruits & vegetables

This masticating juicer is useful for all kinds of soft and hard material you need to get the juices. It has no trouble getting the juices from grapes and berries and vegetable families; you can also get juice from tomatoes; those are kind of soft veggies.

This cold press juicer helps you get a high yield of juice from oranges and another citrus; it may clog up the screen. In this, you can try the coarse screen to get smooth juicing. These soft fruit juices will be thick with lots of pulp in juices. Somehow, it is tasty, but even then, you can strain the thickness and enjoy the healthy juice of your own choice.

If you are juicing every day from soft fruits, you can buy try other knobs. But those are not that much necessary; this is just an option to try.

Making Nut Butters & Pasta

Tribest GSE-5050 is not only for juices as you are expecting from them, but it also provides lots of options to you because of its unprecedented versatility not only limited to juicing, but you can also make a lot of recipes from it like, nut butter, sauces, pates.

It also works as a food processor for your kitchen to make the snacks and other food recipes as you desire.


This juicer is a little bit difficult to clean than a single auger juicer. But you don’t need to worry about it because it is not so much hard. There are only a few parts that need to clean because of its sleek design.

There are only two main parts that take time to clean those are screen and gear that you can also clean with a brush with care. Otherwise, you can easily traditionally clean them as you want.

Final Word

Pressure Adjustment Mechanism, Nylon Safety Buffer, Exclusive Magnetic, and Bioceramic Technology, New Locking Mechanism, Added Safety features, Higher Yields, Increased Versatility, and twin gear system strengthen it among the top juicers as Best Cold Press Juicer list.

Additional quality of food processing also discriminates it from other available juicers to attract the juice lover to buy it.

  • Heavy Duty twin gear
  • Various pressure setting
  • More juice extraction
  • Less Noisy
  • Can be used as blender/grinder
  • 15 Years Warranty
  • Small chute need precut the fruits
  • Takes more space and time to clean


5. Hurom Elite HH-SBB11 Best Juice Extractor

Hurom Elite HH-SB11 is another addition in our list of Best Cold Press juicer, due to its features those give it good feedback from its users especially who are the juice lovers and want fresh juices with full of nutrients and oxidation. some juice lovers have rated it as the best Hurom juicer.

Best Cold Press Juicer

Design & Material

It has award-winning graceful and neat, clean designs that give pleasure to the senses. Its compact size can fit anywhere in the kitchen that would be an excellent entry to your kitchen accessories.

This Hurom hp slow juicer is made of plastic, but that is BPA-free plastic that contacts with fruits and juices. It rotates at the speed of 43 RPM that looks slower, but it gives you the high yield of juice you want.

Its ABS plastic body is extremely durable, and you don’t need to worry about that along with 4.1 feet cord attached to it.

Top 5 Cold Press Juicer under 200


Assembling & Disassembling

You can easily assemble and disassemble this juicer without any long-time headache. It takes only 3 minutes to assemble it because of its few detachable parts. It has two strainers fine strainer and a coarse strainer.

Most of the time you will use the fine strainer for juice and the coarse strainer is for smoothies. You can easily wash it and don’t need the manuals to reassemble its parts if you a regular user of this juicer. undoubtedly you can name it as the best juicer for smoothies along with its other qualities.

Tasks It Can Perform

Its improved twin-winged auger gives you a maximum yield of juices from fruits and vegetables and improves its efficiency to extract the juice.

Its slow-speed motor helps you to get all the minerals from your expensive fruits, and you will lose no vitamins as it will not burn the vitamins while juicing the fruits due to slow speed at 43 RPM.

Extracting Juice from solid, thick fruits & Vegetables

Its twin winged auger gives you a good amount of juice from fruits and vegetables as moves at a slow speed, and you can put the fruit pieces from the chute smoothly, and even you don’t need to use the presser to press the objects.

It will work seamlessly, and it will eject the pulp at low speed as it works clockwise inside the strainer.

Its fine strainer provides you juice with less remains in the liquid, but still, it will thick enough that the entire mineral is taken out from fruits and vegetables, and you can enjoy the fresh, delicious juice at home, that’s why it is best cold press juicer for home use.

Juicing Celery, Leafy Greens & Wheat Grass

This Hurom cold press juicer has no problem with any kind of material to get the juice, like the leafy greens, spinach. It can efficiently work with these kinds of vegetables.

Even it provides you juice of leafy vegetables a more delicate texture because its slow speed auger squeezes a single drop of juices from the item inside the blades.

This Cold press juicer doesn’t burn the mineral in the green leaves as they are not that thick to fight against the heat produces by the fast juicer blades, but this slow juicer helps to get the nutrients from leaves easily.

Juicing Soft fruits & vegetables

This juicer and two strainers fine and coarse strainer, so the coarse strainer helps to get the juices from soft fruits like banana, avocado, tomato. Although you can also get the juice from grapes and berries.

This cold press juicer runs at 43 RPM that it crushes the soft fruits gently and converts them into juice in an exceptional order to give you thick and clean liquid to drink that makes it the best vertical juicer.

Making Nut Butters & Pasta

Hurom Elite HH-SBB11 can equally help you get the nut butter, almond milk, and even it has the quality to provide you the ice cream from frozen ingredients. You can also make soy milk or tofu at home with the help of this juicer.


It has an advanced self-cleaning system; just close the juice cap and place the auto pulp lever in the half-closed position fill the chamber with water and allow the juicer to run for one minute. Open the juice cap to release the water before turning the juicer off and you can say that it is a self-clean juicer that does its own cleaning.

For the sink, cleanup move the autopilot level to the CLEAN position for easier access and let it dry to next time use

Final Word

Its plastic body gives a glossy look with BPA-free plastic and slow speed gives you a high yield of juices from fruits & vegetables. Its self-cleaning system reduces your work and time.

  • BPA Free plastic body
  • Twin Winged Auger
  • Slow speed benefits more juice extraction
  • Less Noisy
  • 15 Years Warranty
  • Small chute needs precut the fruits
  • Struggles with leafy greens


6- KOIOS Juicer, Slow Juice Extractor– Best Affordable Juicer

Everybody in the world is now turning their priorities towards organic foods and organic intakes, like fruits and vegetables to keep themselves healthy and less catchy to diseases.

As the world is moving faster and innovations and technologies are taking the place of many routines in life, on the other hand, this also emerges the need for healthy foods to add to your lifestyle.

To keep yourself healthy and want to enjoy the fresh juices at home, then KOIOS could be the best choice to add to your kitchen.

This juicer machine is available on your affordable budget. The peoples who pay less to get better quality then they should check this cold press juicer.

Best Cold Press Juicer

Appearance & Material

This juicer looks a little bit the same as Omega 8006, but that is quite expensive as compare to this juicer. Looks beautiful in two colors available on amazon white and red-black.

This juicer is made of high-quality plastic that is Etl, and FDA  approved, so it is less harmful to the users to use it at home.

Its Germany MEGEL motor is strong enough to make the juices at 80 RPM that extract all the enzymes and nutrients from fruits and vegetables.

The BPA-free baby food grade Plastic material is harmless. Its motor has 10 years of warranty and the other parts are have three years warranty that builds the confidence of users on it and proves itself a better choice at an affordable price of juicer available in the market.

The company is also providing lifelong technical consultation and customer services so the user will not face any trouble.

Assembling & Disassembling

This low, priced juicing machine is straightforward to assemble and dissemble. It has four removable parts that are fixed with a motor base, and it took a maximum of two minutes to assemble this machine, and the disassemble is also made it easy.

You can easily dismantle all the parts by consulting the manual. If you are a frequent user of this juicing machine that you don’t need to spend more time adjusting these parts.

Tasks It Can Perform

This best budget juicer can perform all the functions that other expensive juicers are providing to you. Its strong motor, twin juicing program, and reverse function does the same thing that other cold press juicers are doing at a high price.

Extracting Juice from solid, thick fruits & Vegetables

Koios is providing its best quality to the users who want to get fresh juices from solid fruits and vegetables like, apples, and carrots. Its German EMEGL motor runs at 80RPM that extracts all the precious juices from fruits and vegetables without producing any heat and doesn’t burn any vitamins at all. The juice extracted through this juicer can long last for 72 hours.

The auger rotates at low speed to squeeze its prey nice and the motor doesn’t make any noise like the centrifugal juices are producing.

Juicing Celery, Leafy Greens & Wheat Grass

This juice performs much better as compared to centrifugal juices to extract the maximum amount of juices from leafy greens, wheatgrass, and celery with preserving their vitamins and less oxidation with no heat production.

As for advice, it is better to cut the celery into small pieces to get the results; otherwise, it may be possible that it can roll around the auger.

Even you don’t need to worry because its reverse system prevents the clogging of any object in the chamber.

Its twin juicing program helps you to operate the machine at your wish to get eh maximum yield of juice from your precious fruits and vegetables. This machine emits the dry pul that ensure the high yield of liquid from items

Juicing Soft fruit, vegetables & nuts

Juicing soft fruits may not sometimes easy to d, but through Koios you can easily get a high amount of juice like grapes, berries, and citrus as well as can be juiced with this cold press juice.

Sometimes you may have to get the nut milk that is also quietly possible by using it at no more cost to you. Its reverse function prevents clogging inside the strainer and auger chamber.


Koios juicer is also easy to clean as it has four main removable parts that take no time to disassemble from the motor base.

The company has also provided the cleaning brush inside the box pack to clean the strainer and the auger house.

It’s all parts are dishwasher-free and take less than five minutes to wash. After washing let them dry for the next use and then assemble again.

Final Word

We will never say that this Koios cold press slow juicer has the latest technology, but it performs the same as the expensive juicer at this affordable price and value that convinces people to buy it.

Secondly, this fruit juice squeezer can perform better as compared to centrifugal juicers. If you are looking for a friendly budget best cold press juicer, then it may be the right option for you to spend the money for some value.

  • Twin System program
  • Affordable price
  • Less Noisy
  • 10 years warranty with 3 years parts warranty
  • More Prepping Time
  • No handle at all

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7-AMZCHEF, Slow Juice Extractor – Best Budget Juicer

The human body needs nutrients and vitamins every day to keep it healthy for the purpose you need fresh juices to make rather than rushing to shops every time. The first thing you will consider is which juicer will be useful to provide you a maximum yield of nutrients.

To resolve this problem, AMAZCHEF brought to a slow press juicer.

This cold press juicer high inefficiency (as per the reviews from the buyers) and at a low budget price and one of the compact juicers you can easily buy and it provides you the maximum nutrients out of the fruits and vegetables you want to add to your juices.

Best Cold Press Juicer

Appearance & Material

This Amazchef juicer has an elegant design with a lot of features it offers. The whole body of this slow juicer is made of BPA-free plastic technology that is very less harmful to humans.

Its juicer runs at a speed of 80 RPM that is the speed of most of the cold press juicers.

Its strong 150 watt motor with less than 60decibles doesn’t produce noise that never annoys you when you are juicing at home that is a good sign for a quiet environment and healthy lifestyle.

This juicer is equipped with an intelligent protection chip that stops the juicer for every 20 minutes of operation automatically. Give it rest for 20-30 minutes to start it again. This feature helps to prolong the product’s life and causes fewer burdens to your pocket.

This product comes with a month’s trial and a 1-year warranty that is another facility provided by the company to boost the user’s confidence in their product.

Assembling & Disassembling

This small-size mini juicer machine is easy as the high price juicers in the market. It has a safety lock system while you install all the parts it locks the main parts that are a sign that all the parts are correctly fixed. The same is for disassembling it, just unlock the safety button and dismantle it.

It takes you a few minutes to assemble the juicer first time with so much consultation with the manual. If you a  regular user of this juicer machine, then it can be your first choice to buy.

Tasks It Can Perform

This low price juicer is as efficient as the high price juicers are. Its slow-speed motor provides you maximum juice from the fruits and vegetables as and when you require it.

Extracting Juice from solid, thick fruits & Vegetables

This cold press juicer is strong enough to get the maximum juices from sold fruits and vegetables to provide you a high yield of nutrients and vitamins that you want to add to your daily life.

Its fine strainer provides the maximum juices with less foam and oxidation. Its auger runs at a low speed that maximizes the amount of juice from your precious fruits and vegetables.

This juicer can even extract the juices from ginger, pears, and other solid vegetables to get the juice out from them. You just need to cut the vegetables and fruits into small pieces to avoid any clogging and stuck in the auger that can harm the machine at any time.

You don’t need to worry if anything is stuck in the auger chamber its reverse function helps you to release the crushed items easily.

Pro Tip To get a better taste of fruits takes out the seeds from the fruits to avoid a bitter juice taste.

Juicing Celery, Leafy Greens & Wheat Grass

If you are willing to get eh juice from leafy greens, celery, spinach, then this juicer is quite helpful for you to get the fresh juices easily. You may need to cut these leafy greens into small pieces so that they will not stick in the auger.

It is a precautionary measure that you should take to prolong the machine’s health. Otherwise, the reverse functions easing your problems all the time.

Juicing Soft fruit, vegetables & nuts

Some peoples complained that centrifugal juices are not suitable for soft fruits as they burn the nutrients because of their fast speed. But this slow juicer can provide you the maximum amount of juice from soft fruits like grapes and berries, etc. without burning any vitamins from them.

This cold press juicer works at a low speed that doesn’t produce heat and keeps all the minerals in the juice and emits the dry pulp. This fruit juice squeezer can easily handle soft fruits and doesn’t lose any vitamins.

This juicer is straightforward to clean. Just disassemble all the parts except the motor base. Its bonus cleaning brush enables you to clean the auger and strainer if anything is stuck inside the strainer. It is an entirely dishwasher-friendly juicer, and you don’t need to worry about it all.

Final Word

If you are looking to buy the best cold press juicer at affordable prices and don’t want to exceed your budget, then this juicer will be your right choice. It is one of the best quiet juicers. Slow juicer benefits are more for juice lovers as compare to fast or high-speed juicers.

This juicer has all the features that high price juicers have; it can juice solid fruits, vegetables celery, nuts, and other leafy greens. It is providing a high yield of nutrients and less oxidation that keeps the juice fresh for long hours. Its quiet motor doesn’t make any noise and intelligent protection chip protects it from any damage to it.

  • Intelligent protection chip
  • Affordable price
  • Quiet Motor
  • Suitable for all kind of fruits and vegetables
  • Long prep time
  • Small chute


8. Tribest Slowstar SW-2000 – Best Cold Press Home Juicer

Tribest Slowstar SW-2000 is a powerful juicer introduced by the company with 2 in 1 technology juicer with a mincer. It is an option provided to facilitate the user to save money and can enjoy both the facility from one machine.

Its motor speed is 47 RPM with a strong motor with a 3-stage reduce gear that produces the equivalent amount of torque equal to a 9 HP Motor.

This model’s strong motor and DUO-blade auger make the juices faster and easy for both beginners and experienced users who like to spend less time and energy on juicing, but still, it needs to add healthy juices to their diet.

Appearance & Material

This vertical slow juicer comes with a long-neck chute with a sleek, graceful design like its sibling from the same company.

Its unique Duo-Blade double-edged Auger is made from the certified BP-Free plastic Ultem, which is eight times stronger than the conventional plastic used in other juicers that increases its durability along with a stainless steel screen.

The 3-stage reduction gear produces torque three times greater than the other masticating juicer, so it reduced the jamming possibilities almost to zero. Its chute opening is 1.5 inches x 2.5 inches.

Best Cold Press Juicer

Assembling & Disassembling

This Tribest juicer is straightforward to assemble the first time and the same if you want to disassemble to keep in a drawer or for cleaning purposes.

Its dismantling is very easy the same as the other Tribest sibling juicers and makes it easy for users to use multiple times in a week or daily.

Other only a few parts are involved to assemble for juicing and the mincing part is separate needs to attach if requires. The number of users has given it a high rating for assembling and disassembling functions

Tasks It Can Perform

The duo-blade technology juicer and a lot of things it can, like juices and also can be used as a mincer, its strong motor has enough power to juice the hard fruits and gives you a high yield of juices at a time.

Extracting Juice from solid, thick fruits & Vegetables

Tribest juicer’s powerful 200-watt 3-stage speed reduction motor is strong enough to extract the juice from solid, thick fruits and vegetables to get the juices without leaving a single drop into them.

It extracts maximum nutrients from the ingredients with dry pulp and less oxidation. Even though it a bit fast juicer but still runs at 47 RPM to get the juice.

The unique duo-blade double-edged auger crushes the fruits into pieces and squeezes with high force to get out eh liquid, as it is also mincer, so it ejects the dry pulp out with a high yield of vitamins.

There is no worry that hard fruits can stick in the auger because its powerful motor is enough to run the auger as compare to other conventional juicers that are not able to do so.

 Juicing Celery, Leafy Greens & soft fruits

This cold press juicer is as good for leafy greens as it is suitable for hard fruits with high-powered duo blade gear. Adding the smart cap is also helps to prevent leakage and helps to juice for fruits that the juices don’t spill out.

Most health-conscious people need a juicer that is easy to get the juice from celery, so it’s good news for them they don’t need to worry about using this juicer in their kitchen to add the fresh juices to their diet.

Making Nut Butters & Pasta

This juice extractor includes the mincing function that discriminates it from ordinary cold press juicers available on the market. So, this powerful duo blade Double-Edged Auger turns this slow start into a multipurpose mincer to produce fresh, recipes like sorbets, nut butter, sauces, and salsas.

This juice extractor’s mincing function turns this juicer into a multi-tasking mincer so you can make a lot of other recipes from it, like nut butter and frozen desserts, etc.

Mincing feature

Tribest has also introduced mincer attachment that facilitates you to make the sauces, sorbets, and provides the extra juicing facility by crush the hard fruits. This additional option offers you not only the juicer facility as well as you can make nut butter and frozen desserts through it.


It is very easy to clean as it has an end cap that you can lock and put a glass of water in auger housing and run the auger it will detach all the remains from the strainer and unlock the cap to drain out the water. Secondly, the Tribest pack is included a cleaning brush that helps you clean the strain and auger.

As you know its auger is made of BPA-free chemicals, which are less harmful that saves time to clean up the auger and strainer at some time.

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Final Word

This Tribest juicer is made of BPA-free plastic that is far less harmful to health.  Its double-edged auger works twice better than the single auger juicer that rapidly crushes your produce and gives you a high yield of nutrients with less oxidation in a very short.

Its powerful 200-watt motor and a 3-stage speed reduction prevent the clogging in the auger that increases the speed of torque.

One more value-added in this juicer is that it comes with a mincing attachment that crushes the hard fruits and nuts. So, at the same time, you enjoy both benefits and surely it will be an excellent addition in your kitchen and home to get healthy juices.

  • DUO-blade auger
  • High-Speed torque
  • More juice extraction
  • Less Noisy
  • Ten years warranty
  • Mincer attachment
  • Parts replacement a bit expensive


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9. Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer-B6000S – Best Juice Maker

Health-conscious peoples are always searching for the best products that provide them a good amount of nutrients either in the shape of liquids or solid foods full of nutrients and natural vitamins inside.

Kuvings has brought a slow press juicer to help them to get the high yield of juices full of minerals with its slow speed masticating technology.

Best Cold Press Juicer

Appearance & Material

This 17.6 inches tall vertical juicing machine with a glossy, shiny appearance looks beautiful that comes in four colors red, silver, and white that looks pretty good in your kitchen. This juicer is built with ABS, Ultem, and BPA-free plastic.

The same Ultem technology has been used by NASA in his space shuttle that makes this juicer eight times stronger than other appliances.

The screws and strainer of the juicer are made of this superior quality material to provide its customers the best quality of its kind.

Kuving is giving its 10 years warranty that is another added feature to its quality product that builds the customer’s confidence in this cold press juicer. some users claim that is one of the best commercial cold press juicer machines but we don’t expect that it is a commercial juicer.

Triton is another ecologically protected BPA-free material that is approved by the USA to keep the food in containers. This eco-friendly material is in this machine’s juicing drum to keep the juice quality unchanged for a long time.

Assembling & Disassembling

Every user of electronics products is always conscious and worried about how to assemble any product when he buys from the market. Kuvings Juicer is very easy to assemble and disassemble even it is overwhelming when you assemble it with immense ease of doing.

If you are a regular user of this juicer you can easily disassemble this for washing and cleaning and it is pretty straightforward to re-assemble the whole machines after cleaning.

It’s few detachable parts make it easy to assemble you use it the first time and even after use can you can get comfortably apart them for cleaning, it is as simple as other high price juicers are.

 Tasks It Can Perform

This multipurpose juicer and a whole fruit juicer with a powerful motor can extract the maximum yield of juice out of the fruits and vegetables, and its slow masticating technology takes out every single drop of mineral from the juicing items.

Extracting Juice from solid, thick fruits & Vegetables

Kuvings slow speed juicer runs at 60RPM that wit strong that crushes enough the juices into the liquid with no difficulty and produces a high yield of juice. Its strong Auger squeezes every drop of nutrients from fruits and vegetables and ejects the dry pulp out.

Its 3-inch extra-wide chute allows it to put the apple and carrots in it. But for safety and to keep this juicer operational for a long time, it is better to cut the apples into pieces even though it decreases the prep time but this just for safety purposes.

Juicing Celery, Leafy Greens & Wheat Grass, soft fruits

This strong enough machine can provide you the juices from leafy green at home as well as you can also get juice from wheatgrass. This product is smart enough to take out the juices from soft fruits like grapes, berries and even you can put in lemon to get the juice and it will keep the lemon juice fresh like you just eating it.

You might be worried about getting the juice from the celery, so you don’t need to worry about this machine can resolve this problem too. It is the best cold press juicer for celery.

While you are juicing the soft fruits, the machine will eject the dry pulp out, so your expensive food is less wasted as compared to other fast juicers available on the market.

 Making Nut Butters, Frozen fruit sorbet

This cold press juicer is providing plenty of options to make the different recipes, as it comes with a blank strainer that helps you to make the sorbet and delicious frozen delicious desserts from your favorite fruits and vegetables at home.

Its blank homogenizing screen assists you make the nut butter, sauces, and purees with no hassle.

Safety Feature

One of the most extended features is its safety function. It has two safety features; it has a smart cap that prevents the juice leak out while pouring into a glass and makes it easy to mix two kinds of ingredients for more vibrant and healthy juices for you.

Its safety lock and cooling system help to prevent overheating, overload, and misassembly of juicing parts. overall savings slow juicer reviews are satisfactory on Amazon’s online site.

The built-in failsafe ensures that all the parts are correctly assembled and it will not run if wrongly fixed. Its reverse function eases the clogging for the smooth running of the auger so that nothing will stick in the screens.


kuving slow juicer is also made easy by the company as it has provided the innovative cleaning tool with it. This self-rotating brush with its extra-strong bristle wraps around the screen and makes it easier and quicker to clean the screen.

Although Its smart cap helps you to clean the auger, just put one glass of water and run the machine; it will clean out all the residue on screens.

Final Word

Its strong slow-speed motor helps to get all the nutrients from fruits and vegetables and other judicable and its triton food container keeps adds another feature to its quality and durability.

Its additional safety feature of smart cap and safety lock keeps you uncharm from any loss. The low noisy motor is also a delicate part of this machine.

  • 3-inch extra-wide chute
  • Extended safety features.
  • Environmental friendly material
  • Less Noisy
  • Ten years warranty
  • Durable stainless-steel filter
  • Slightly expensive
  • Heavy to shift


10. Breville BJS600XL – Best Juicer Machine

Every day morning you when you wake up, you need energy and vitamins to keep yourself healthy and energetic throughout the day. For the purpose you would like to add fresh juices in your daily life in breakfast, most of the time peoples complaining that juicing in morning time make a nuisance for the other peoples.

Then most of the companies have found a solution to this problem by introducing the slow-speed juicer without compromising the juice quality.

Breville is also one of those companies that have introduced low-speed juice machines to provide you best juices with minimum noise of the motor. Breville has introduced the BJS600XL cold press juicer to provide you the best quality juicer along with other features you want a juicer must-have.

Best Cold Press Juicer

Appearance & Material

This sleek vertical-style cold press juicer looks solid and attractive at first glance. Mover over we move product quality; its body is made with Ultem plastic technology that is less harmful to the users.

This masticating juicer runs at 80 RPM with a strong 240-watt motor makes it strong enough to make the juice from hard fruits and vegetables.

Its strong enough motor has one more quality that it doesn’t produce so much noise in the kitchen nor or home that can annoy the others. It also has the reverse function that prevents clogging in the auger chamber.

Assembling & Disassembling

This Cold press juicer is easy to assemble for the first time when you bring it home because of its few detachable parts that don’t take much time to fix. Disassembling is also made easy by this juicer you only need to take off the hopper lid.

Just take out the strainer for cleaning purposes and you can fix them again assembling just takes 2-3 minutes and the same time for dissembling requires. This cold-pressed juice machine takes less space on the counter as it is a vertical juicer.


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Its start safety features indicate to you if the parts are not properly fixed, or if it is so the juicer will not turn on. So this additional feature helps you assemble all the parts easily.

Its slow speed doesn’t produce so much heat, thus less oxidation while juicing from it.

Tasks It Can Perform

It is also a masticating juicer that performs numerous functions in your kitchen to provide you a maximum yield of juices that require boost your energy.

Extracting Juice from solid, thick fruits & Vegetables

Breville BJS600XL has a strong 240-watt motor that can crush solid fruits and vegetables into pieces to get a high yield of vitamins and nutrients from them to provide your healthy drink.

You can easily juice the apples, carrots, and cucumber from it. It runs at 80 RPM that is efficient in taking out every drop of mineral from fruits and eject the dry pulp. Its reverse gear system prevents the jamming of any material inside the chamber.

Juicing Soft fruit, Leafy greens & nuts

BJS600XL works better for all soft fruits like grapes, cherry, berries, and citrus juices. It squeezes them to get the maximum yield of minerals from all these soft fruits. As far as leafy greens vegetables are concerned it works fine for them also like celery, spinach, etc.

If sometimes you want to get nut butter or milk, then this will also be a better choice for your kitchen. Its Built-in auto-purifying system purifies the yield inside the filter that gives you better juice after preventing the foam.


This masticating juicer has nine removable parts that can be easy to clean. Just remove them and dib into the soapy water and then clean them and let them dry. Same time you have another option that you put some water in the chamber jar and run it, then it will clean the strainer too and the auger.

A cleaning brush is also included in the box that helps you to clean the strainer to get rid of residue from the auger and chamber for excellent cleaning.

Final Word

80 RPM speed with 240-watt motor looks fine as per its quality and material. It enables the user to get fresh juices from fruits and vegetables. Some users say that it takes time for cleaning. Overall it is the best cold press juicer to have in 2021.

  • Two-step safety start system
  • Food hopper with lid
  • Built-in auto-purifying system
  • Less Noisy
  • The machine stops automatically if fully loaded
  • A little bit expensive
  • Needs to cut the fruits in small pieces for juicing



If you are looking to buy the best cold press juicer in 2021 to live a healthy and full of nutrient life, then this is the best article for you in which we have selected the best of the best cold press juicers also known as masticating juicer or slow juicer.

These slow machines run at low speed and extract the maximum amount of nutrients vitamins, and minerals from fruits and vegetables with less oxidation and produce less heat.

We have discussed several options to provide you a clear picture of the function and benefits of each slow press juicer that enables you to make the right decision as your health is more important to us to give you the right options to decide.

This kind of juicer not only helpful for health but also have a minimum risk of any kind of harmful material used in them that also reduces the other risky elements that can harm you.

After reviewing all the juicers I would like to recommend the Omega Juicer NC900HDC as the best cold press juicer.

We hope that the above-provided information and buyer guide with reviews will be good enough to provide you with information to decide which cold press juicer is best for you to buy.

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Is a cold press juicer better?

A cold press juicer is more beneficial than conventional or centrifugal juicers because of several reasons.

  • Extracts High Yield of Juice
  • Less Oxidation
  • Extracts more Vitamins and Minerals
  • Juice remains fresh for long up to 72 hours

Why is cold-pressed juice better?

Cold press juice is better because it contains a lot more minerals than a traditional juicer. It has less oxidation and remains fresh for longer hours. Cold press juicers take more nutrients from fruits and vegetables. Slow juicers don’t produce heat that prevents the nutrients from burning and destroying, even from leafy greens you can get the maximum amount of minerals.

How much is a cold press juicer?

Cold press juicers have different price ranges with their features ad quality. Most of these juicers are easy to assemble and operate and provide maximum nutrients from fruits vegetables, leafy green, and celery.

Why is cold-pressed juice so expensive?

Cold press juicers are expensive because the manufacturing companies are using high pressure to provide you the maximum nutrients in a controlled heat amount so the mineral will not burn while juicing the items.

Is Slow Juicer worth the money?

The answer is yes, it is based on the experience that if you have much patience, have no trouble cutting off the fruits and vegetables into small pieces then this would be your first option because it provides you more vitamins and minerals than a centrifugal juicer.

What’s the difference between a cold press juicer and a normal juicer?

The cold press juicers have no blades so they don’t produce the heat and you need to cut the fruits and vegetables into small pieces to insert them into the chute. Likewise, the normal juicers have blades so they cut the fruits into pieces by themselves and save your prepping time.

How long is cold-pressed juice good for?

Cold-pressed juice remains usable for 2-3 days but it may reduce its nutrition by around 35-40% after one day passed.

What is a good juicer brand to buy?

There are plenty of options available in the market, but as per our experience and reviews from clients, Omega’s cold press juicers are performing better.