6 Best Juicers for Ginger 2021-Reviews & Buying Guide

Finding the best juicers for ginger is not that difficult when you are reading this post, because we have found the best juicers for ginger after analyzing and testing more than 20 juicers and checked the reviews from the customers on different online platforms. We wanted to analyze each aspect of the juicer so you will have enough information to select the best juicer at a reasonable price and with high quality.

We have reviewed these juicers and finalized our list with to 6 best juicers that will help to get the juices from ginger and ginger shots. These juicers were reviewed and tested by the experts and given their opinion regardless of and bias. You must also remember that all the juicers are not good to extract the juice from gingers so be careful before investing in any juicer until you are not sure about it.

Why you should invest in a good quality juicer for juicing ginger?

Juicer is the main component to extract the juice from any kind of fruits and vegetables, if it is not of good quality and doesn’t perform well then all your time and money will go in vain. You will not use this juicer only for few days but for a longer time period. A low-quality juicer will be a headache for you because it will sometimes stop working, blades broken, the motor is not running, leaving more foam on the juice, not a versatile appliance etc.

Keeping all these things in mind we have tested different juicers to reach a point to select the best ones to save you from any loss.

We recommend you to buy the juicer that has the following qualities,

  • Powerful motor
  • Stainless steel blades or cutting disc
  • High-quality auger
  • BPA free parts
  • Easy replacements parts
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean

Let’s have a look at the list that we have compiled for you to ease your problem in a short time to give useful information regarding which juicer is best for you.

1- Omega NC800HDS Juicer Best Juice Machine

Omega NC800HDS is one of the best slow masticating juicer from Omega juicers series that provide a high yield of juice and nutrients and the best juicer for gingers and ginger shots.  This low-speed juicer produces less heat and almost no heat that doesn’t burn any nutrients and minerals of the ingredients and keeps all the essential vitamins inside the juices.

best juicer for ginger

It is equipped with a 2hp powerful motor that runs at a speed of 80 rpm. This strong machine generates high power to rotate the auger to squeeze the ingredients to open up each cell to extract more juice with more nutrients.

This slow juicer has less oxidation and less foaming on the juice and emits dry pulp. These cold press juicers run at slow speed so they don’t produce so much noise equal to 60 decibels that doesn’t annoy anybody.

Omega NC800HDS dual-stage masticating technology not only efficient to extract juice from gingers but also efficient to extract the juice from all types of fruits and vegetables with making a lot of other recipes like nut butter, soy milk, baby food, pasta. You can also extract the juice from leafy greens, celery, and wheatgrass.

Omega juicer has adjustable end cap settings to maximize the juice output and extraction and an automatic pulp ejection keeps the juicing process smooth and uninterrupted. A wide chute helps to reduce the prep time.

All the parts are made of high-quality BPA-free parts. All the detachable parts are dishwasher safe and you can clean them quickly and easily. The manufacturer has provided 15 years warranty on parts and performance.

• Quiet Motor
• Less heat
• Less oxidation
• dual-stage masticating technology
• BPA free parts
• 15 years warranty
• A little bit expensive


2- Aicok Slow Juicer Best Ginger Juicer Machine

Here is another one of the best juicers for ginger. If I say that this the best masticating juicer from the slow juicers series then I am not wrong at all. Aicok AMR 521 juicer is much famous among the users not only for its mid-range price but also the performance it gives to the user. This compact size juicer got good reviews from our experts and from the users too.

Best Mini Juicer

This best small juicer for ginger has 150 watts strong motor runs at 80 rpm that can crush all kinds of ingredients including ginger to extract a high yield of juices and nutrients. This cold press juicer doesn’t heat up so it doesn’t burn any nutrients and minerals that are essential for health.

The slow-speed motor of the juicer has less oxidation and less foam on the juice that keeps the juice fresh up to 72 hours with any change in taste and quality.

It has 7 segment spiral Auger that opens each cell of the ingredient to extract more juice and nutrition. The motor is so quiet that it runs at less than 60 decibels so it doesn’t annoy anybody.

The company has used high-quality BPA-free and PMMA material in the parts that have direct contact with the juice. It also has a juice & pulp separation function that helps you to continue your juicing process and provide more juice with emitting dry pulp. Its reverse function prevents clogging in the auger chamber if so happens just press the reverse button and it will remove the clog.

There is a one-button assembly function that assembles the whole machine and also works as a safety button. It’s also easy to clean because all the detachable parts are dishwasher safe and a cleaning brush is also included in the box to make your work easy and you can clean the parts where the hands cant approach. The company has provided 3 years limited warranty on the parts and performance of the juicer.

• Powerful motor
• Quiet motor
• Less heat
• 7 segment spiral Auger
• Dishwasher safe parts
• one-button assembly function
• reverse function
• BPA free parts
• 3 years warranty
• Not ideal for dense fruits
• Heat up if runs more than 20 minutes


3- Breville JE98XL Juicer Best Fast Juicer

 Breville JE98XL is a high-speed fast juicer that has blades/cutting disc rather than an auger that crushes the ingredients to extract the juice within seconds. This vertical-style juicer has a powerful 850 watts motor that with dual speed settings to deal with them all kinds of fruits and vegetables. The low speed of 6500rpm for soft fruits and the high-speed 12000rpm for dense fruits and vegetables.

Best Juice Presses

This centrifugal juicer has a wide 3” chute so you can put a whole size apple in it that helps to reduce your prep time and pre-cutting is not required for this juicer.

This juicer has a unique extraction system with titanium reinforced disc and Italian-made micro mesh filter basket and is made of high-quality stainless steel material that crushes the ingredients to maximize the juicer yield.

It has a built-in froth separator that separates the froth the juices and shift more juice to the juice jug and so there will be less froth in a glass of juice.

A pulp container is also attached to prevent any mess in the kitchen and it is detachable so you can easily store it.  All the plastic parts are made of high-quality BPA-free material so no more harmful to juice.

A safety locking arm also there in this juicing machine to ensure that all the parts are properly attached and the cover is locked if the safety arm is not in place the machine doesn’t run to avoid any hazard at work. An overload protection LED light in this juicer flashes if the juicer is overloaded to save the juicer from any damage.

The Breville juicer is easy to clean as the detachable parts are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. A cleaning brush is also provided in the box that makes the cleaning process easy. Breville Company has provided a one-year limited warranty on their juicer.

• BPA free parts
• Easy to clean
• Extra-wide chute
• safety locking arm
• High-speed strong motor
• Stainless steel blades & disc
• overload protection LED light
• A little bit noisy
• Not efficient for leafy greens


4- Hamilton Beach Juicer– Best Budget Juicer

Hamilton Beach juicer is our best budget pick is a fast juicer with high speed 800-watt strong motor that can turn the gingers, fruits, and other vegetables into juices in seconds. We have selected this juicer to show that juicing at home is not that expensive when you a little knowledge of the juicers and also more hygienic juices you will have at home.

best juicer for apples

It has an extra-wide 3” chute so you can put in the whole apple, a peeled orange, and a hand full of kale that reduces your prep time and continue juicing process. It comes with one extra-large pulp bin but no juice cup is provided along with it.

All the detachable parts are BPA-free so no more harmful for the juice. The sharp Stainless Steel Micro-Mesh Strainer and cutting disc Basket are made of high-quality stainless steel material and have less rust on them.

This affordable juicer has a safety arm lock that prevents the machine to run until all the parts are not properly attached to avoid any hazard or damage to the juicer.

Hamilton juicer is easy to clean because all the removable parts are dishwasher safe and a cleaning brush is also provided to clean the strainer to avoid any hand injury. The manufacturer has provided 3 years limited warranty on the parts and performance.

• Affordable price
• Strong motor
• Extra-wide chute
• BPA free parts
• Easy to operate
• Noisy
• Not good for leafy greens


5- Mueller Austria Juicer-Best Ginger Juice Extractor

Now our next review is about Mueller Austria juicer one of the best juicers for ginger shots that can extract the high yield to provide you the best ginger juice within seconds at home that is more organic and clean rather than buying from the market. It is not only the best juice press to extract the juices but also cheap in price so you can easily afford it with its lot of qualities.

best small juicer for ginger

This centrifugal ginger root juicer has strong 1100 watts motor that can extract juice from all kinds of fruits and vegetables easily at a high-speed motor.

It has dual speed settings control the low speed runs at 12000-15000 rpm to extract the juice from soft fruits like orange and tomatoes and the high speed from 15000-18000 rpm for dense fruits and vegetables like carrots, beets, kale, and celery.

This high-speed motor prevents clogging and less foaming over the juicer and this juicer extraction machine can extract 16 oz cup of juice in seconds to save your time.

An extra-wide 3” chute helps the user to reduce prep time and you can insert the whole apple and peeled orange in it with no precutting. The Culinary grade stainless-steel cutting disc is made of stainless steel material that is sharp enough to crush the ingredients in seconds to extract the high yield.

A safety lock arm in the juicer stops the machine from running if all the parts are not properly attached and the lock arm is not in place. An overload protection system shuts off the machine if it is heating up to avoid any damage to the juicer and your produce.

Anti-drip function in this juicer prevents the spillage of any juices from the juicer. Mueller juicer is easy to clean and you can easily assemble it within seconds. At this cheap price it is a good option to buy.

• Powerful motor
• Extra-wide chute
• Safety lock arm
• Anti-drip function
• Overload protection system
• A little bit Noisy


6- Cuisinart CJE-1000-Best versatile Juicer

Cuisinart CJE-1000 is also a mid-range best-value juicer that can extract the juice from all types of fruits and vegetables easily. This is a centrifugal juicer that has a high-speed 1000 watts strong motor that can crush the ingredients in seconds to provide you a high yield of juices and you can also consider it as the best home juicer for ginger juice as it is equally beneficial for vegetables.

best juicer for carrots and ginger

This fast juicer has a 3” wide chute that helps to reduce the prep time and precutting time, which allows you to insert the whole apple, carrots, and peeled orange in it without cutting them into pieces.

The manufacturer has provided 2 liters pulp container and a 1-liter juice pitcher, the large pulp container helps to continue the juicing process

Cuisinart juicer has stainless steel cutting disk that crushes the ingredients into small pieces to extract more juice and there is also a foam separating filter disk that separates the foam from the juice to have less froth on the juice in the pitcher.

This juicer also has an anti-drip adjustable flow spout that eliminates the chances of any spills and drips while juicing.

This ginger juice press has 5-speed settings control to adjust the speed according to the soft and hard ingredients to make the juicing easy and effective with a LED light ring. The juicer is made of Die-cast and stainless steel housing that makes it more durable and long-lasting. Unlock and lift system stops the juicer from running until all the parts are not in place to avoid any hazard.

This Juicer is very easy to clean because its removable parts are dishwasher safe and made of high-quality BPA-free material and a cleaning brush is also given in the box to remove any residue in the cutting disk. A recipe book is also provided to try the recipes other than juicing the ginger. The Company has provided three years limited warranty on the parts and performance.

• Powerful motor
• 5-speed settings
• 3” extra-wide chute
• foam separating filter
• Unlock and lift system
• anti-drip adjustable function
• Little bit noisy
• Not good for leafy greens

What are Ginger Shots?

Ginger shots are actually the flavored drinks with adding some colors tastes after extracting the juice from gingers. The ingredients may vary by everyone depending on their needs and tastes. Some peoples like to add lemon, orange, turmeric juices with ginger to make it more tasty and healthy and other spices ingredients you can add.

Ginger shots are made from fresh ginger roots or adding some other juices. One thing you should remember that the ginger shots are unpleasant to drink and a bit spicy, but have a lot of healthy benefits. It is recommended to drink them in small quantities to reduce their bad taste.

Health Benefits of Ginger Shots

Ginger shots have a lot of health benefits that’s why many peoples love to make it at home even they are not good in taste. Bets Ginger shots are good in anti-inflammation, allergic diseases, good to treat the cancer causes, anti-oxidant stress, anti-tumor and it can cure many more diseases. They are equally beneficial in treating nausea and cardiovascular diseases.

If you add the ginger shot in you morning meal then it will help to make your day ahead with an energy drink. These shots also help to boost the metabolism and curing chronic diseases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put ginger in my juicer?

Yes, you can put the fresh ginger in a juicer to get the juice. We recommend you use the cold press juicer to extract more juice and more nutrients from the ginger. Like Omega NC800HDS Juicer to make the best ginger shots and enjoy to boost your health.

Can you juice ginger in a Breville juicer?

Yes, you can use the Breville juicer to extract the juice from ginger there is no problem with it because these juicers are efficient to extract the juices as they are the best juicer for hard vegetables.

Can I put a whole apple in my Breville juicer?

There are some models of Breville juicers that have wide chutes like the Breville JE98XL Juicer that helps the users to reduce their prep time and get the juice in a short time. Same as you can also put in the whole carrots without precutting them into small pieces.

Can I take a ginger shot on an empty stomach?

Yes, you can take the ginger shots on an empty stomach but it is highly recommended to take only one that will provide you more benefits of the ginger shots, turmeric, black pepper, and other ingredients too.

Final Word

 We have tried our level best to find out the best juicers for gingers that must be good in quality and provide a high yield of juices with keeping all the nutrients in the juice. our best pick from the above list is Omega NC800HDS Juicer as it is durable provided a high yield of juice with less oxidation and less heat that preserve more nutrients in the juice.

Runner-up in our list is Aicok Slow Juicer that an economical juicer that can also provide you more juice and minerals from ginger and doesn’t burn any nutrients as it is a slow juicer. It doesn’t mean that all the other juicers are not of good quality we just selected the best from the best ones. We always ready to hear from you to give us your feedback.


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