8 Best Juicers for Beginners in 2021

Are you a newbie in juicing world and looking for the best juicer for beginners that should be easy to operate, good in performance, easy to clean, save you time and money, and must be free from all hazards that you often hear from your friends and colleagues? Then you are in the right place where you will find all the answers and solutions to your worries.

We have compiled a list of the 8 best juicers for beginners with utmost care and after testing several juicers and concluded and shortlisted the best from the best juicers we have reviewed. In this post, we will provide you complete buying guide about all the below-listed juicers with Pros and Cons and this review is going to help you a lot not in getting the information but also will help you to select the best juicer for yourself.

1- Omega NC900HDC Juicer Best Beginner Juicer

Omega is always providing the best juicers in the market and most of them are masticating juicers that are popular to extract more juices and nutrients from fruits and vegetables. Omega NC900HDC is one of them that has a lot of qualities and extracting a high yield of juice and vitamins from its powerful 2HP motor that runs at low speed.

This low-speed powerful motor rotates the Auger at a speed of 80 RPM that opens up each cell of the ingredients and extracts the maximum amount of fluid that will be full of nutrients and vitamins and emits dry pulp. This slow speed builds up minimum heat and less oxidation that helps to preserve all the vitamins and minerals in the juice and remains fresh for up to 72 hours.

Best Juicer for Beginners

This slow juicer has a dual-stage extractor with a strong BPA-free Auger that squeezes each cell of the fruits and vegetables like, apple, grapes, leafy greens, wheatgrass, celery, and other ingredients of the same nature products.

You can also make nut butter, baby food, nut milk, soy milk, pasta, and many other healthy snacks with its Nutrition system that provides you a lot of variety with this juicing machine in your kitchen.

There is an adjustable end cap with 5 settings with an automatic pulp ejection function that maximizes the juice yield with fewer amount of ingredients and preserves the natural taste and nutrients in the juice. The slow-speed motor doesn’t produce so much noise that is even less than 60 decibels. The wide chute of the juice is wide enough that saves your time and prep time.

All the detachable parts are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The assembling and dissembling of this juicer are simple and easy as you fix few parts and it is ready to operate. The manufacturer has provided 6 nozzles and 2 screens in the juicer box. Along with all that Omega has provided 15 years warranty on the parts and performance of the cold press juicer.

• High Yield
• Easy to clean
• Less oxidation
• Adjustable end cap
• 5 settings function
• BPA fee parts
• 15 years warranty
• 1. High Price


2- Breville BJE200XL Juice– Best Centrifugal Juicer

Now we move on to another fantastic juicer on our list that is Breville BJE200XL a fast juicer. Breville BJE200XL is the most popular and most reviewed juicer on the market and on Amazon where many buyers have given it a high rating due it its performance and quality and affordable juicer price. This Breville compact juicer is built to last, it is made from strong, durable parts designed to last a long time under normal use.

This high-speed juicer has 700-watt powerful motor with 14,000 RPM speed that crush everything in seconds to provide juice from all kind of fruits and vegetables. It has an extra-wide 3” chute so you can put in the whole apple and other middle-size fruits. This wide chute helps you to reduce the prep time and reduces the efforts you need to extract the juice and store the pulp within the footprint and also takes less space on the counter.

Best Breville Juicer

There is a unique extraction system in this juicer made of stainless steel titanium-reinforced disc and an Italian-made micro mesh filter basket that maximizes the juice output and is also easy to clean after every time use.

A built-in froth separator is also in this juicer that separates the foam over the juice and less foam in the juice glass. It works on a single-speed and just one button on the base for on/off.

Breville BJE200XL is good for hard fruits like apples, carrots, but it is not that good for soft fruits like grapes, tomatoes, etc. even it chokes when you want to juice the soft ingredients.

It is also not comfortable for juicing leafy greens like wheatgrass and celery. The company has provided one juice jug and pulp jar in the box with this juicer.

 This best compact juicer is easy to clean because it has only 4 washable parts and all are dishwasher safe, and a cleaning brush is also provided to remove any residual in the mesh screen. Breville has provided a one-year limited warranty on the parts and performance of this smart appliance.

• Powerful motor
• High speed
• Stainless steel parts
• Dishwasher safe
• built-in froth separator
• extra wide 3” chute
• A little loud
• May leaks overtime


3- Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer-Best Masticating Juicer

If you are looking to buy a masticating juicer at a reasonable price then the Aicok slow juicer should be the first choice because it is a mid-range slow juicer and easy to operate especially for beginners. Aicok is a slow juicer that extracts more nutrients and vitamins from fruits and vegetables with less oxidation and foaming over the juice.

Aicok juicer has 150 watts quiet motor that doesn’t produce any noise while operating even it runs at 80 RPM speed with a noise level lower than 60 decibels that keep a peaceful environment in the morning and no one will be disturbed.  It has a powerful 7 segment spiral auger that is strong enough to squeeze the ingredient with full force to extract all the minerals and nutrients and ejects the dry pulp.

Best Masticating Juicer

This powerful Auger maximizes the juice quantity and produces less heat while operating which helps to keep the juices fresh for longer hours and keeps all in the enzymes and minerals inside the juice with their natural taste and freshness. The reverse function in this juicer helps to prevent clogging in the chamber and keeps the process smooth.

All the plastic parts are made of high-quality BPA free material that has food-grade Tritan material that used for infant products and the spiral is made of PMMA material that doesn’t change the taste of the juice and keeps the same natural taste with no mixing in it and you will have less fiber in the juice while extracting through Aicok juicer.

You can easily extract the juice from all kinds of fruits and vegetables like apples, grapes, carrots, celery, roots, and other leafy greens. This juicer is easy to clean as it has a reverse function so you need to put in some water and press the reverse button and it remove all the residue from the chamber house and all the detachable parts are dishwasher safe and a cleaning brush is also provided so it will safe your extra time after every time you use it.

Assembling and dissembling Aicok juicer is because there is a single button to disassemble this juicing machine. Along with all these facilities the manufacture has also provided three years quality assurance warranty to boost eh user’s confidence in this blender. So it is one of the best juicers for beginners and you can enjoy juicing with it.

  • Quiet Motor
  • BPA free Parts
  • 7 segment spiral auger
  • Less Oxidation
  • Less foaming
  • 3 years warranty
  • Sometimes jam on hard ingredients


4- Hamilton Beach Juicer–Best Affordable Juicer

We are reviewing the best juicers for beginners so most of the newbies are conscious about the budget because they don’t want to spend money on high-priced juicers. Now we solved your problem ad brought here the best affordable juicer as a newbie that performs all the tasks that the expensive juicer can do. The centrifugal juicer has a high-speed motor to complete its juicing work in seconds.

Hamilton beach fast juicer has powerful 800 watts high sped motor that rotates the stainless steel small size blades placed in the micro mesh stainless strainer basket that smoothly crushes everything to provide a high yield of juice. It has a 3” wide chute so you can feed the whole normal size apple in it and this wide chute also helps you to reduce your prep time and continue the juicing process without any interruption.

Best Affordable Juicer

A large bin container is also provided in the box to collect the pulp while juicing, but no juice cup is included in the box. A food pusher is also there to help you to press the ingredient to blades for quick work.

All the plastic parts are made of BPA-free material so no more harmful for the health. You extract the juice from all kinds of fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots, cucumber and you don’t need to rape-cut them because of their wide chute.

Assembling this best budget juicer is easy because it will not run until all the parts are or properly attached and the safety lock is not in place.

At the same time dissembling is easy just unlock the safety lock and detach the parts. Hamilton juicer is easy to clean as all the plastic parts and blades are dishwasher safe, plus a cleaning brush is there in the box to make the cleaning process easy.

It is not ended here the manufacturer has also given a recipe book with this juicer. Three years limited warranty is also given by the Company on a juicer that shows its durability and performance confidence.

• Affordable price
• 3” wide chute
• BPA free parts
• Less prep time
• Dishwasher safe parts
• 3 years warranty
• A little bit noisy
• Not good for leafy greens


5- Breville JE98XL Juicer–Best Overall

 Breville JE98XL is the most popular juicer from the Breville series of juicers and achieved a high rating from the users on Amazon and other online platforms. Breville JE98XL juicer got famous because of its performance and durability. This fast juicer has a powerful 850 watts motor that runs the blades at high speed to crush the fruits and vegetables in seconds to extract the juice.

Best Fast Juicer

This Breville centrifugal juicer has an extra-wide 3” chute so you can put in a whole apple that reduces your prep time. It has stainless steel titanium cutting disc surrounded by an Italian-made micro-mesh filter that is sharp enough to extract almost 20% extract nutrients and minerals but crushing them into small pieces even in smooth powder.

The body of the juicer is made with Heavy Grade Polymer material that makes the juicer more strong and sturdy.

This Breville juicer model has two speed controls high for the dense fruits and vegetables and low speed for soft fruits and leafy greens.

A large pulp container is provided in the box that fills up with a built-in froth separator that separates the foam from juice and lets more juice go into the glass. A juice jug of 35.2 fl oz is also provided to store the juice.

It has a LED display to indicate the overload protection that prevents the juicer from running if overloaded, and a  safety locking arm stops the motor from operations if the cover is not properly locked.

The juicer is easy to clean as the detachable parts are dishwasher safe and a cleaning brush is given in the box to remove the residue from the strainer. One year limited warranty is also available on this fast juicer.

• Powerful motor
• 3” wide chute
• Less prep time
• Dishwasher safe parts
• Two adjustable settings
• Built-in froth separator
• A little bit noisy


6- Kuvings Masticating Juicer–Best Basic Juicer

 The Kuvings Multi-Purpose Slow Juicer is a low-speed masticating juicer that is for health-conscious people who want to add fresh juices to their diet plan. This is a bit expensive like the Omega NC900HDC but it is worth it. This easy-to-use juicer is the best juicer for beginners as it has a lot of options with simple and easy operation.

best commercial juice press

This best slow juicer is equipped with a 170-watt quiet motor that runs at a speed of 80RPM that extracts a high yield of juice from fruits and vegetables. The auger is made of high-quality hygienic durable materials that improve the juice extraction process and provides a high yield of juices.

This slow speed doesn’t produce any heat while juicing and result in less oxidation and foaming on the juice with a high yield of juicer and emits dry pulp that keeps all the enzymes and vitamins inside the juice without burning any of them.

Kuvings Juicer has an Auto-Feeding system that pulls down the ingredients automatically and you don’t need to press with hands or food pusher to keep the juicing process smooth and convenient.

It has a small chute so you need to pre-cut the ingredients into small pieces to avoid any clogging. There is a forwarding switch that pulls down the ingredients and the reverse button helps to remove clogging if it is so.

This is a versatile juicer in which you can extract the juice from fruits and vegetables with a lot of other recipes to make. Because the company has provided 7 different Nozzles, one juicing nozzle, and six other nozzles for, rice cake, pasta (round large), pasta(round small), mincing nozzle, past (flat large). The pulp ejection system automatically separates the pulp and you can extract the juice for 30 minutes continuously.

It is easy to port this blender because it has a handle on the juicer and a dust cover is also in the box to store it safely. It is available in three models, silver, and chrome, and white but it is better to buy the chrome model because it has BPA-free parts.

Kuving juicer is easy to clean because the detachable parts are dishwasher safe. Assembling and dissembling the juicer machine is quite easy and a safety lock also prevents the juicer to start until all the parts are not properly placed in order. The manufacturer has also provided 5 years warranty on the parts and performance of the juicer.

• Quiet Motor
• Easy to clean
• Auto-feeding system
• Multiple nozzles
• Dishwasher safe parts
• 5 years warranty
• Small chute
• More prep time


7- Breville 800JEXL Juicer–Best Fast Juicer

 Breville 800JEXL is a commercial-grade fast juicer that extracts juice within seconds, it is also the best juicer for beginners because it is easy to use and providing almost 30% more juice than the conventional fast juicer available on the market. Even it is a commercial juicer but you can use it at home if you don’t have a budget problem because it is a little expensive.

best commercial juicer on the market

 It is equipped with a 1000 watt powerful motor that spins at 13,000 RPM that off course makes some noise.

It has a unique extraction system with titanium reinforced disc and Italian-made micro-mesh filter that 40,000 filtering pores to give you a delicious taste. And the cutting disc is made of stainless steel material that is designed to optimize juice extraction.

This fast juicer has an extra-wide 3” chute so you can feed the whole apple at once and other vegetables that reduce the prep time. One large juice jug is provided along with a large pulp container to keep the juicing proves uninterrupted.

There is two speed (6,500RPM) controls the low speed is for soft fruits, leafy greens, and the high speed (13,000RPM) for denser fruits and hard vegetables.

The juicer body is made of high-quality Heavy grade die-cast metal that is durable and with a nice look. There is also a safety locking arm that prevents the juicer to run until it is not in place to avoid any hazard at work. All the material that has contact with food is BPA free ensuring no harm to the health and safety of juicing.

This vertical juicer is quite easy to clean with a cleaning brush. All the detachable parts are dishwasher safe except the mesh filter basket/Nutri Disc and food pushed that you need to clean separately. The manufacturer has provided a one-year limited warranty.

• Powerful motor
• unique extraction system
• BPA free parts
• safety locking arm
• Extra wide chute
• Less prep-time
• High price
• Not good for leafy greens


8- Cuisinart CJE-1000 Juicer–Best Starter Juicer

 Cuisinart CJE-1000 is a centrifugal juicer that can extract juice from all kinds of fruits and vegetables in seconds. Cuisinart fast juicer is equipped with a high-speed 1000 watts powerful motor. The juicer is very easy and simple to use and we can say that it is one of the best juicers for beginners where the user will not have to spend much to understand its operations.

best easy to clean juicer

There are 5-speed settings control dial on the base with a blue LED light ring that you can adjust according to the ingredients you want to feed in. The low-speed level is suitable for soft fruits and vegetables and the higher speed level for hard fruits and vegetables.

The juicer has a 3 inches extra-wide chute that reduces the pre-cutting time, so you can put in the whole apple (known as the apple juicer machine) and orange after the peel.

The company has provided 2 liters pulp container that is you can easily remove and clean thereafter for again use and a one-liter juice pitcher along with the juicer that you can keep in the fridge for later drinking.

Inside the juicer, you will find the stainless steel cutting disc that crushes the ingredients and convert them into smooth juice, and the foam management filter disc separates the foam.

For safety purposes, there is an easy unlock and lift system in this juicer, so the juicer will not run until all the parts are not in place. An anti-drip adjustable flow spout that controls the flow rate to keep the juice flow smooth. All the parts that come in contact with the juice are made of BPA-free material. A recipe book is provided inside the juicer box along with a manual to read it the first time.

Cleaning this juicer is quite easy as all the detachable parts are dishwasher safe and a heavy-duty cleaning brush is given to clean the cutting disc with care. The manufacture has provided three years limited warranty on the parts and performance of the juicer.

• Powerful motor
• 5 speed settings
• stainless steel cutting disc
• anti-drip adjustable flow spout
• BPA free parts
• Three years warranty
• Can’t handle leafy greens


Types of Juicers

 There are mainly two types of juicers cold press juicer and centrifugal juicers.

1- Cold press Juicer(Masticating Juicer)

Cold press juicers are also known as masticating juicers or slow juicers, as they have Auger either single auger or twin auger and they don’t have the blades. This auger squeezes the ingredients to extract the juices from fruits and vegetables. These slow juicers are more efficient than centrifugal juicers because they extract more juice and more nutrients from ingredients.

These masticating juicers produce less heat so they don’t burn any vitamins and nutrients and keep the natural taste inside the juicer. There will be less oxidation when you are juicing through cold press juicers and the juice remains fresh for 72 hours and leave less foaming on the juice and emits dry pulp.


  1. High yield of juice
  2. Produces less heat and less oxidation
  3. Juices remain fresh up to 72 hours
  4. The juice will have more nutrients, enzymes, and antioxidants
  5. Good for soft and hard fruits and leafy greens
  6. The lowest level of noise while operations
  7. Easy to clean


  1. More Expensive
  2. Slower than centrifugal juicers
  3. Small chutes need more prep time

2- Centrifugal Juicers

Centrifugal juicers are also known as fast juicers and commercial-grade juicers. These juicers use blades and cutting discs to chop the ingredients and convert them into juices. These fast juicers create a little heat in the juicing process that may destroy the enzymes and nutrients. Normally they have a wide chute that reduces the prep-time but takes less time to extract the juice.


  1. Extract juices fast
  2. Good for hard fruits
  3. Minimum prep time
  4. Wide chutes can take the whole apple
  5. Cheap in price than the masticating juicers


  1. Noisier than the cold press juicers
  2. Leave some foam on the juice
  3. Juices don’t remain fresh for a long time
  4. Overheat quickly
  5. Shredding discs don’t last more than 6-12 months

Things to consider before buying the juicer

1- Identify Your Need

The most important and first because once you have decided that for what purpose you need a juicer then it will become easy for you to choose the best juicer for your home. If you want to get your work done quickly then the centrifugal juicer is best for you, and if you are health conscious and want to get more nutrients and minerals then a clod press juicer should be your first choice.

2- Budget

Once you have identified your need then the next question that comes to mind is the budget because it is also important to consider that how much you can buy a juicer. In the market, there are plenty of options available starting from low price to high price juicers. Cold press juicers are usually expensive than fast juicers but they have more benefits to good juicing. As a beginner, you should spend less as we have reviewed some juicers in this post that are available on a low budget and perform well.

3- Motor Power

Motor power is so important in any juicer because sometimes the hard fruits may clog in the chamber then a small power motor will not be efficient to remove the clogging and a low power motor may have more clogging as compared to a powerful motor. The low-power motors are not that much good for hard fruits and vegetables and often clog, and often jam while juicing and the user gets annoyed.

We recommend you buy a juicer that has a powerful motor to save your money and time because it is equally beneficial for hard and soft fruits. That’s why a centrifugal juicer has less clogging than a masticating juicer.

4- Juice Yield

Everyone wants to get more from less and the same the case is with juice yield with any juicer. All the masticating juicers provide a high yield of juices as compared to centrifugal juicers. For this purpose, you must also check the reviews posted by the customers online.

5- Easy to Clean

This is the main headache that everyone faces after using the juicers. Some juicers are difficult to clean because of so many parts. Whenever you are going to buy a juicer check that all its detachable parts should be dishwasher safe that will save your work and some juicers have a cleaning brush provided by the manufacture that makes the work easy to clean the blades and some parts where your direct hand cant approach.

6- Durability and Warranty

You should check the juicer you buying must be durable and long-lasting. For this purpose, you must read the manual that the plastic parts are made of BPA-free material and the cutting disc should be stainless steel. Most of the companies provide 1 year 15 years warranty on the parts and performance of their product as some of the Omega juicers have 15 years performance warranty that shows their durability and product excellence.

Final Word

So, finally, you have checked all the above juicer and their reviews and we have tried our level best to give honest reviews and find the best juicers for beginners to help you to find the best one. In our opinion Omega NC900HDC a masticating juicer is the winner in this game because of its durability and performance and 15 years warranty that is an exceptional feature.

The runner-up in this list is Hamilton Beach Juicer a centrifugal juicer because it is budget-friendly for beginners and also has the same performance as the high price juicers are giving. Rest is your decision which one you like to buy according to the conditions in which you want to buy the best juicer as a beginner.


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