How to clean a juicer with easy steps

I have seen over the internet many peoples are checking that how to clean juicer. So today I have decided to write in detail on this topic and I am quite confident that this post clear your all

doubts and will help you every time you are going to clean a juicer.

Some users have complained that when they clean the juicer some particles remain stick with the jars wall or narrow spaces where your hand can’t reach easily. We have brought in the solution that will help to every answer of your question.

 Why a clean juicer is important for health

Every juice owner uses the juicer frequently at home. But some of the users use it more than one time in a day depending upon their nutrients requirements and to boost their energy level and other family members may also use the same juicer the whole either for morning juice or at lunchtime.

How to clean a juicer

So the clean juicer is necessary not only for the health and more hygienic juice but also to keep it operating for a long time and to increase its life. If you don’t clean then is quite possible that some particles will mix again in the juicer for the next time you extract the juice and may cause a digestion problem.

Owners use the juicer to extract the juice from different fruits and vegetables and there is a possibility that some pulp components stay in the juicer and can make a problem to run the juicer and remain in the inaccessible parts.

Easy guide to clean a Juicer

Cleaning the juicer every time is not fun because you need to detach some parts and then assemble them again for next time use. But if you don’t clean it after every use then it will not be safe for using it again so it is worthwhile to keep it clean.

Cleaning the appliances after every time use increases the life of the item and keeps the performance intact for a long time period. Cleaning them on regular basis not only remove the tough stains but also good for the health

Here below we will discuss the simple and easy steps to clean a juicer. For usual cleaning, you need the following components.

  • Water
  • A mild dish soap
  • A scrubber
  • Soft Brush
  • Soft cloths
  • Tooth Brush
  • Spatula
  • Baking Soda

1- Always turn off and unplug the Juicer

              Hazards don’t inform before they come, so when you are starting to clean the juicer or any other electric appliance always turn off and unplug it. Never check your confidence but check the plug. Why because when you are cleaning there is a possibility that while you are using the wet cloth or stretch the cord that can lead to electric shock, can catch the fire that may lead to any injury to your body.

2- Dissemble detachable parts

Now disassemble all the removable parts, normally there are only a few removable parts in every juicer and most of them are easy to dismantle. You can consult the manual of every juicer to check how many detachable parts this particular juicer has. The reason behind dismantling them is that some parts are not easy to wash or not dishwasher safe or need some extra care while cleaning. So doing this will save any loss to you.

3- Remove the Pulp

When you are extracting the juice then at the same time it is separating the fluid and pulp to different jars under the juicer.  The pulp jar is easy to take out from every juicer and you can easily empty it by throwing the pulp in the trash. If something remains stick inside the container walls then you can use the spatula to release it. Spatula helps you to get out any residue that remains in the jug that sometimes not easy to take out with a naked hand. Now you can easily wash the pulp container.

4- Wash all the washable parts

Now start washing all the detachable and washable parts as you have washed the pulp container first. Try to wash them completely and thoroughly. You can use the dish soap and use it gently because some parts are sensitive and don’t like the hard hands. Secondly rubbing them hard may leave scratches or damage to any part.

Now rinse each part completely otherwise there will be stains on the parts and may lead to some soapy taste in the juices that will annoy you. You can use the lukewarm water or some warm water and wash them slowly so there should be no damage to the strainer as this some kind of soft parts and sensitive also and there may be some pulp still there that need to clean thoroughly.

5- Clean the parts with a Toothbrush

Most of the juicers come with a brush inside the box that helps you to clean the parts where your straight hand cant approach. You can use it to remove some pulp or think stains on the parts. If there is no brush included then you can also use the toothbrush as an alternate for the same purpose. Use these brushes gently to avoid any scratches on the crystal plastic parts.

6- Wipe out the other parts

Now it is complete that you have washed and cleaned all the detachable parts. So now focus on the other parts that are not removable as some of them are not washable under direct running water. Because the motor is also there in these parts that will be damaged if wash under the water and the cord too.

Here what to do, simply use a wet cloth or a sponge, it is better if you use a soft cloth and clean these parts gently and the cloth must not be much wet that leave the water drops. This wet cloth is good to remove the stain around the motor base etc.

7- Let the parts dry & reassemble

Now all the cleaning and washing is done, place all of them on the rack or you can spread a mat to keep them and let all the parts dry for next time use. The base that was not washed instead cleaned so let it also dry and keep its some distance from other washable parts.

Once all the parts are dry not reassemble them one by one, if you forgot how to assemble them then better to consult the manual rather than trying on your own. This whole process of cleaning usually takes 10-15 minutes. We suggest you clean the juicers or other appliances as soon as possible after every time use. You can try the same cleaning process with every appliance like juicer and blenders and others too.

Steps to Remove Tough Residue

Cleaning a juicer after every time use is easy because the stained and residue are soft and easy to remove. But, what to do when you haven’t clean after the use or after washing and using many times there may have some tough stains remain on the juicer.

There is one more scenario that you did use the juicer for some time and it appears some stains or residue stick in, then it gets hard to remove. But you don’t need to worry here we will help you to get come out of this situation.

 Things you need,

  • Water
  • Salt
  • Enzyme dish liquid
  • Milk
  • A spray bottle
  • A bowl
  • White vinegar
  • Denture tablets

 1: Turn Off & Unplug the Juicer

First of all turn-off and unplug the juicer to prevent any hazard, because the wet machine may cause an electric shock or you may press the button unintentionally while cleaning. So never forget to start from turn off all the electric juicers and other appliances before cleaning.

2: Apply the Enzyme Dish Liquid to remove residue

Keep in mind that you will follow the same procedure as earlier discussed but few things will be added along with it. Just rinse all the washable parts in warm water and apply the liquid while washing them. The use of enzyme liquid helps to remove the tough stains and give a fine surface to the parts.

Wash all the parts completely with the dish liquid, now look around the parts if anything is left or overlooked any stain, residue in the parts and remove them and place them in the rack to get dry.

3: Dip in water the Dirty Parts

Dip all the washable parts in the sink and remember to plug the sink so the water will not go away and fill with water until all parts are thoroughly dipped inside. Now add the two denture tablets to the water and see till the foaming appears on the water.

This will help you to remove all the residue from the parts easily and now clean all the parts after the stains are removed. Check all the parts again if there any stain is left and remove it. You can also try the other two more ways to clean it. Add some salt in warm water and soak all the parts in it for 30 minutes and it will automatically remove the residue and recheck.

The second thing you can try by adding the milk and vinegar together with a spray bottle and spray the mixture on the parts to remove the stains and try this method several times. Now let the parts get dry and reassemble them for next time use.

How to clean Mesh Screen & juicer Filter

Mesh screen and filter are important parts of any juicer and most of them are made of stainless steel. Anyhow some of the manufacturers have used high-quality BPA-Free plastic material and these mesh screens a little tricky to clean.

Why we need extra care to clean these mesh screens because some of the fruits and vegetables have strong colors that may stick there and you need to clean them otherwise there is a chance that it will mix when you juice next time.

  • You only need to follow these simple steps to clean it easily and effectively
  • Always use warm water to wash it thoroughly
  • If not easy to wash then my suggestion is to mix lemon juice in water and dip for some time and the stain will be easy to remove in this way
  • You can also try the milk with vinegar and dip the parts for the whole night
  • Use the mixture of detergent, water, and bleach and wash it then rinse thoroughly
  • The cleaning of filters and mesh screen is not that much different, but sometimes you may need the extra work to clean the residue with care

Important Tips to enhance your juicer cleaning efficiency

  • Whenever you want to clean a juicer first time then you must read the manual that came along with the juice because the manufacturers have always provided the guideline that how to clean a juicer and which parts are washable which are not.
  • Never wash the motor base or dip in water that will cause to burn or can damage the interior wiring of the motor.
  • Always clean the juicer after every time use, if you delay the residue may stick with the walls or in the auger, strainer and will get strong over time and become difficult to remove.
  • Never dip the metal parts for a long time otherwise they may catch the rust and the material may get soft and become deteriorate gradually.
  • If you are going somewhere for a few days then it is better to pack the juicer and keep it in the rack to prevent dust.

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