Magic Bullet Blender Review & buying guide 2021

Magic Bullet Blender: it is a small compact size blender and the most popular blender that has a lot of benefits and functions to perform. This small blender is not that expensive to buy and is an affordable blender of all time. The magic bullet blender is also introduced by the company that makes the Nutri bullet blenders.

The magic bullet is good as a personal blender because if you are in hurry in the morning the Magic bullet blender is the right partner to make quick smoothies and shakes in seconds. Because its name is bullet and it works like a bullet and many peoples have positive reviews about it. It is durable and less expensive with a lot of things to do in less time.

Magic Bullet Blender Review

Over the years, the Magic bullet has been number one in kitchen appliances because of its performance and multitasking functions that can perform many tasks like, blending, chopping mixing, grinding, and many others with a small blender. That’s why many peoples love to buy the magic bullet blender and it has a good reputation in the market.

The magic bullet is good for small tasks as it is a personal blender not fit for every use like, if you want to make the smoothies or shakes for the whole family then it won’t work. But still, it is popular among people due to its number of features that we are going to discuss here below.

Salient Features of Magic bullet blender

Here we are going to discuss the Magic bullet features in detail to check that why most of the peoples love this small and smart blender.


This small bullet blender is designed keeping in mind the size that can fit anywhere in the kitchen, this compact blender is 13.2 x 6.9 x 10.6 inches in size that can easily fit on your countertop and even in your cabinet, it will take very little space to store.  This feature is good for those people who have less space in their kitchen and are dependent on small items to keep in the kitchen.

It is light in weight and just 4.7 pounds that is easy to carry and portable in the kitchen with less effort, and everywhere you can take it with you outside while traveling or camping around somewhere. It looks smart and tiny in design that is designed to perform the daily small tasks to complete in a short time.

Motor base

This magic bullet comes with a 250-watt motor that is fixed and covered in the base. It is so compact that it doesn’t take much space on the counter and beneath the cups. The motor base comes in silver color and remembers it is not dishwasher safe so be careful never wash it, so if something spills out just wipe with a wet cloth.

Control Settings

Surprisingly this bullet blender doesn’t have any control settings like speeds, pulse, or any pre-set programming to control the operations of the blender. It is simple to use, just twist the blade assembly on the cup, twist it on the motor base, and push it a little. Even the company has not provided any button on the base that you can press to control the speed of operation.

This makes it a simple blender but it is also not user-friendly as sometimes you may need to make something where you need to control the blending operation or need the pulse function. So, here the question is how to control the speed or blending process. For that purpose, you control it manually, for pulse function push the cup down a little, and to stop it twist it clockwise.

So you can continue this exercise to make the smoothies and other things and do it manually because there are no preset programs are provided in this blender.


The company has provided the 11 pieces with a Magic bullet blender that includes, 3 cups, a tall cup, a short cup, and a party mug in the box. The mug comes with a handle so you can use it as a glass to drink the smoothie and shakes while sitting at home or somewhere and you don’t need to find another jug or glass separately.

The other two cups in the box are of different sizes. The small cup has a capacity of 12 oz and the other two party mug and the taller cup has a capacity of 18 oz that is helpful according to your juicing and blending requirements.

The other side of the fact is that these small cups are not sufficient for more than one serving for example if you need to make the smoothies or shakes for more than one person then this blender is useless for you, and at the same time, all other ingredients for smoothies will not fit inside the cup.

However, for your own need, you can make the smoothies and store those in the freezer for later use and you can make the smoothies for three people at a time in all these different cups or separate cups you need to use for each person.

Shaker/ Steam Tops

The company has provided two shaker/steamer tops of different-sized holes that are in the box to use for different purposes. There are small holes on the top of the shaker/steamer that help you to sprinkle the spices on the foods. The strainer-like top will help you grind the different ingredients and with flat blades and don’t need to transfer to other jars or containers.

The top with larger holes is fine for other ingredients as like the cheese that you can use after fresh cheese and sprinkle on different dishes at home. Either you can sprinkle on pasta, pizza or you can use them to steam foods in the oven.

The top with the larger holes is for shaking coarser ingredients like Parmesan cheese. You can also treat the fresh cheese with its sharp blades.

You can go ahead and screw on the top to sprinkle fresh cheese onto your pasta right out of the cup.  The cups are microwave oven friendly so you can steam the foods because of the holes in the lid.


          The noise level of this magic bullet blender is not that high that someone says that it is not bearable. It has an average noise level that is bearable. Although it has a small motor even then it produces a noise when you are blending the ice and other hard ingredients in it, so it is not quite like the cold press juicer that produces let noise.

There is a simple tip for you that you can use the rubber pad and place it under the motor base of the blender that will help you to lower down the noise. But the noise is not that much that the neighbors will start complaining.


Magic bullet blender comes with 11 pieces but with only one blade set, which is a cross-blade shape. These cross blades are more often peoples are using for blending tasks, like smoothies and chopping the ingredients. These same blades help puree, grind meats, spices, ices, and frozen fruits because these are strong enough and made of stainless steel material with 4-pronged.

Drive Socket

This bullet blender has a magic socket that is not durable at all. Because when you put in the tough ingredients up to the top edge of the cup the socket will get damaged. You can avoid this situation if you cut down the ingredients into small pieces before putting them in the cups and the same thing you can try with frozen ingredients by using more liquid to avoid any damage to the drive socket.

Re-sealable Lids

The manufactures have provided two re-sealable lids with one flip-top-to-go lid. This flip-top lid allows you to take the sip and use it as a sports bottle that you can take it outside either traveling somewhere or going to the gym for exercise or going to your workplace.

These two lids you can also use to store your smoothies and shakes in the freezer to use after a while if you have made them early to save your busy schedule. You can also take the cups with you to fix the lid on the top or keep them in your backpack for going outside.

Cord Size

A 4 feet long cord is attached with this magic bullet blender motor base that is long enough to facilitate you that you can place your blender anywhere on the countertop as you want to make your work easy or has less space in the kitchen near the electricity board.

Safety Feature

The magic bullet blender is made after keeping it according to the safety standards, but you also need to take care of a few things. Never touch the wet cord and avoid getting eh base, and handle the cord with care. Never touch any moving part and never run the blender for more than one minute otherwise the machine will get hot and there are chances of any incident.

The overrunning of the blender machine may damage the motor and cause the unit to shut off. The company has also suggested never blend the carbonated beverages that may burst out while blending due to the pressure build in the cups.


The manufactures of magic bullet blenders have provided a one-year limited warranty that is equal to most of the personal blenders in the market. This warranty covers the machine malfunctioning, but not the normal tear and wear that happens over time. The company will charge you shipping costs for any replacement parts as they are responsible for replacement.

Assembling & Dissembling

This mini blender is very easy to assemble and disassemble at the same time. To assemble it just screw it on the blades either flat or cross blades. Then flip it upside down and twist on the base to fix it for operations. And dissembling it is also very easy just lift it from the base and flip the back cover.

Now unscrew the blades and you can use the container like a regular glass to drink the smoothies. A flip-top lid is there if you want to drink from there.


This smart blender is very easy to clean as all its parts are dishwasher-friendly except the motor base. The motor base you need to clean with a wet cloth and never use the water to wash the base. Hand washing of parts with soap and water is more effective for their longer life. The blades need some care while washing and to avoid any injury, just after wash clean them quickly and let them dry.

Always try to wash the parts just after every time use otherwise the ingredients can be stuck on the sides and then more effort will be required to remove them.

Magic Bullet blender performance

Let’s move on to check the performance of this small that what kind of tasks it can perform in your kitchen to find out the reason behind its popularity

Tasty Smoothies

Smoothies are the most popular drink in the world that is easy to make and full of nutrients and vitamins and the magic bullet blender works excellent to make the smoothies because it is designed to make smoothies at home. this is quite good for other soft ingredients and leafy greens to provide you maximum satisfaction within less time and even in seconds.

It blender is not that good for hard ingredients but you can also blend them easily if you precut the hard ingredients into small pieces this will extend the life of the blender also because of less burden more lifespan. Accordingly, it is not easy for this blender to blend the frozen ingredients, but you can also add the liquid to make it easy for blending the frozen items, otherwise, in the end, you may have to experiences chunks or uneven smoothies if tough ingredients are used.

There is one more thing to remember that it has small cups so you will not be able to add more ingredients for making the smoothies and at the same time you can only make smoothies or shake for one person only, as it is a personal blender. But good thing is that this blender comes with three cups so you can make the smoothies before the time and store them in the freezer for later use.

Whipping Cream

As we discussed earlier that the two blades are excellent in making many recipes so here is one more thing that a flat blade can do. It can provide you with whipping cream at home rather than buy it every time from the market. You don’t need to make it manually by spending much time and energy on it. Just put the cream in the small cup and run it to whip until it gets smooth.

When the motor starts vibrating, then it is the sign that the work is done.  The recipe book provided in the box has also plenty of recipes for different dishes that you try at home to get more versatile ideas for your healthy and daily life.

Batters and bread mixing

Magic bullet blender looks small in size but has the ability to impress its users, same is the case here if you want to mix the batters and bread then it is an easy task for this smart blender. You just need to put in all the ingredients and run the blender for 20 seconds rest the things it will do for you. Keep your eyes on the blending until all the items are strongly mixed in each other and become one texture.

If you are looking to add some variety to your batter-like, berries then it’s better to add them before mixing the batter so it will mix it in them and look like it was the part of the batter. So it’s better to add the berries at the end, just hold the cup-like cocktail style and shake it.

Frozen tasty drinks

The company has provided manuals and user guide along with a recipe book, where they claim that this magic bullet is an excellent product in making the frozen drinks at home. Further, they advise that if you are going to do so then add plenty of liquid that will help the ingredients to reach the blades for blending otherwise there will be chunks in the drink.

Many users have given their reviews online where they say that the Magic bullet blender is not much efficient to handle the frozen ingredients to convert them into drinks because the motor is not so much strong. Although you can make the frozen cocktails, it will not be as good as the countertop blenders are in this field as they have strong motors.

Pureeing Fruits Feature

Magic blender is good for pureeing the fruits, the manufacturer recommends that if you want to puree the fruits then add half a cup of fruit and then blend it for 10 seconds the result will be in front of you. Same thing you can apply with soups and vegetables just add half a cup of water with the mixture for smooth blending.

You can also use the oven for heat because these cups are microwave safe, so you will have many options to make different recipes like pureeing curry or laksa pastes.

Coffee Grinding

This Small blender comes with two blades one is a cross blade and the other one is a flat blade, both works to blend and grind the different ingredients. with these sharp blades, it is easy to grind the coffee beans. Just put half a cup of coffee beans and chop them for 20 seconds and it will provide you an appropriate grinding outcome.

You can grind the coffee beans according to your requirement and grind the beans for a longer time to get the fine powder.

These cups are dishwasher safe so you don’t need to worry after grinding the beans that afterward everything will give a coffee taste, you can wash them easily after use. If you are a coffee lover then you better know that there is no need to overheat the beans when grinding.

So try to grind them just for 4 seconds to avoid the burning and to prevent the heat, because if no heat produces then the beans will give a better taste and fresh fragrance rather than a bitter taste.

Ice & Frozen Fruits

Magic bullet blender can crush the ice and frozen fruits as it is also mentioned in the instructions handout provided by the manufacturer, but also recommend that you should use the small cubes and some water for good results.

Add water may be fine for you if you think that a few watery cocktails are fine for you to drink. But if you are willing to get the dry crushed ice for snow, then this blender is not able to fulfill your requirement.

Here you need to know that the more these kinds of tasks you do, the more there will be chances of this blender wear out. And if you make smoothies with light frozen fruits then it is will be easy for the magic bullet blender to work fine and live a long life.

According to the user guide book when you want to make the drinks from frozen fruits or ice then fill the cup up to 25% of its capacity, otherwise, there will more chance of any damage to the machine.

Chopping fresh Herbs

Chopping fresh herbs is an easy task for a magic bullet blender with its cross-sharp blades. Put in the fresh few pieces of fresh herbs in the short cup and run the blender for a few pulses. Remember that the pulse you need to do by pressing the cups counter-clockwise.

This blender will help you chop the fresh herbs faster than cutting with a knife on the cutting board. You can also chop the leafy vegetables for salads and sandwiches in any easy way.

Reasons for Magic Bullet leakage

Some peoples complain that they face leakage in the cups. There is a simple reason behind it that when you fill the cups more than the fill and start blending then the leakage will start from the sides because the texture will over and will cause to damage the motor and may have potential safety hazards.

There is another reason that if the cups have any cracks in the containers, this may happen because t these are made of average quality plastic material. Always try to wash the containers by hand to avoid any damage and meanwhile you can also feel the crack if any.

Is this blender durable or not?

The magic bullet blender is not that much durable as somebody can think, this is the reason that this is an inexpensive blender. This is made of low-quality plastic material that is prone to break if you continuously blend the frozen fruits and other hard ingredients.

This blender may not last more than one year as the manufacture has also provided a year warranty. You can increase its life span if you don’t use it for hard ingredients and the container can also remain more than one year if you hand wash them instead of using a dishwasher.

Do users feedback about Magic bullet blender?


  • Small and compact design 

Many users have praised this small blender because of its small and compact design that can fit everywhere in the kitchen. Because every person doesn’t have a big kitchen to keep everything on the countertops. It is quite easy to keep this small blender in the kitchen cabinets, and it doesn’t take so much space.

  • Excellent for making smoothies

Many users on Amazon and other plate forms have given 5-stars to magic bullet blender because it works excellent to make the smoothies. They are happy because it deals very well with soft ingredients and they also love it because it is also good for hard ingredients if you precut them into small pieces for blending.

  • Excellent for making baby food.

Many housewives have commented in their feedback that the magic bullet blender is good for making baby foods at home and saved a lot of time. They like it because it is good to handle soft ingredients like cooked vegetables and fruits.

  • Good for grinding spices

This small and smart size blender works fine with spices as many home users need to grind a small number of spices at home, you can use it as a mixer also, and it works well for them because of its multiple cups provided by the manufacturer.

  • Easy to use and clean

This is a simple and easy blender to use and as well as to clean. It has no speed control just screw the cups and press gently and it will start running. It is also easy to clean and cups and dishwasher safe and motor base you don’t need to wash. Many peoples have commented on its cleaning and operating function as super easy.


  • Leakage

Some users have reported and given 1 star because of the reason that while blending a black liquid leaked from the motor base to the blender cup, and they have been concerned over it.

  • Burning smell

Many users complained about the blenders that they have burning smell while operating, the main reason behind this smell is due to the overheating motor. Some users said they smelled the smoke after few times used, even some users reported that their blender burned entirely but thanks no injury to them.

  • Not so good to blend ice or hard ingredients

Many users on online platforms have complained that it is not so efficient to blend ice and tough ingredients. Many of them said that this takes a lot of water and is also stuck frequently while blending. Precutting is also recommended by some people for blending, but some people said that smoothies are chunky and have poor consistency.

  • Not for blending hot foods. 

Even though the manufacturers have provided the microwave cups, but you can put the hot ingredients in the cups. If you want so then you need to add some cold ingredients with hot ingredients and then heat them. The hot ingredients will also heat the motor and also creates pressure in the cups and bursts may happen.

Magic Bullet blender price review

We have discussed above the salient features of these smart blenders, although it is not the best personal blender at this cheap price, it works perfectly for your small tasks in your kitchen. It is relatively fewer durables and not that much versatile as the expensive blenders are, it also doesn’t have the powerful motor to do the big things.

If we talk about its price is a very affordable blender that has prices less than $35. This is not a big burden on your pocket as you can use this blender for one year it is a small interment with good work. This is in a budget blender and affordable for people who don’t like the fancy features of big blenders and many features everybody doesn’t use.

At this price, it is quite well to make the smoothies, shakes, grinding spices, and other small chopping tasks in your kitchen. It is simple to use and operate which is good for beginners to set their hands, and it also takes less space in your kitchen because of its size.

Magic Bullet blender comparison with other blender models

  1. Magic Bullet vs. Nutri Bullet Pro 900 Watts

The Nutri bullet Pro 900 is from the nutria blender series that is equipped with a 900-watt strong motor. That is much stronger than the magic bullet blender. It comes with 13 pieces and there is a similar thing among both the blenders is that they are personal bullet blenders and with no buttons and speed control options.nutri bullet reviews

This Nutri bullet blender has three cups one is 18 oz 24 oz and the third one is 32 oz. the magic bullet blender has 4-pronged whereas the Nutri Pro 900 blade has 6-pronged which gives it an edge over the Magic bullet blender.

Its price is a little higher than Magic bullet blender but the performance is also more than it accordingly.

Verdict: If you are smoothies lover and want to make the smoothies from tough frozen ingredients that Nutri 90 should be your first preference because it will help you to make the bigger smoothies with better fine results. But if you don’t care about any of these things then the cheaper price Magic bullet blender might be good for you.

  1. Magic Bullet vs. Nutri Bullet 1000 Watt PRIME Edition

 This is another blender from the Nutri bullet series that has 1000 watts powerful motor that is 4 times stronger than the magic bullet blender. The blender comes with 12 pieces and the maximum capacity of the bigger cup is 32oz that is of course more than the magic bullet blender. It has one blade whereas the magic bullet blender has two blades flat blades and a cross blade.magic bullet vs nutribullet

Its price is much higher than the magic bullet blender but according to price, its functions are much better than the magic bullet blender.

It looks a little expensive than the magic bullet blender if you are a budget-conscious person then this blender is not suitable for you to buy.

Verdict: The nutria bullet blender is definitely more powerful than the magic bullet blender as it has a more powerful motor. If you are a person who can pay more to get the good smoothies and don’t have budget constraints then the Nutri bullet 1000 blender must you’re your priority over the magic bullet blender. But if you can’t pay more then magic bullet blender can do better for you at a cheap price.

  1. Magic Bullet vs. Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

The Hamilton Beach blender is for single-serve with a single jar also known as the personal bullet blender. It is motor is just 175 watts that is lower than the Magic bullet blender. One option that Magic blender doesn’t have but the Hamilton blender has is the pulse button that added power to its functions and almost doubles its performance to work.Best personal blender

This small smart and tiny blender has many good reviews online and on Amazon where the users have praised it for its performance in this small compact design. This signal serve blender is easy to take anywhere as it is a portable blender. You can take it to the office or outside.

It is good for smoothies, salads, dressings, and shakes. Some reviews have gone against complaining that it’s broken down, burned out, and being slow to blend.

Verdict: Overall the Magic bullet blender is better in choice because that has more motor power and a sturdy design and it has a better track record with positive reviews from the users. The magic bullet is more durable than the Hamilton Beach blender.

  1. Magic Bullet vs. Cuisinart CPB-300 350 Watt

Cuisinart comes with a 350-watt motor that is slightly more powerful than the Magic bullet blender. It also has manual setting buttons to control speed high, low, and pulse function with LED, auto-stop feature.

The manufactures have provided one 32 oz cup, four 18 oz cups with sip lids. The manual control button is making it more powerful to make the different recipes.small personal blender

It also has two blades, one is for general blending purposes like smoothies and the other is for chopping the herbs, vegetables, and spices.

Its prices are almost double the prices of the magic bullet blender. But if you go to its features and accessories it doesn’t seem expensive. Many users have given it a rating of more than 4.0 on Amazon and they are happy with its performance in this compact and smart design.

Verdict: keeping in mind the above features, the motor power, accessories it has more attraction than the magic bullet blender, but as far as the reviews and user experience are concerned the magic bullet blender has an edge over this blender.

  1. Magic Bullet vs. Bella Rocket Blender

Magic and Bella bullet blenders are somewhat the same as both are personal bullet blenders having the same motor base, cups, and blades. But the belle rocket blender is a little bit cheaper than the magic bullet blender, but that can be considered as the main factor in deciding which one to select for home smoothie blender

The Bella rocket blender comes with 12 pieces including, cups, lids, and a shaker for spices. This blender comes with 285 watts motor slightly more powerful than the magic bullet blender.

Its operations are almost the same as the magic bullet blender because it also doesn’t have the buttons for speed control. Just screw the cups and press gently to make the things.

Verdict: If we compare both of the blenders then the magic bullet blender has a little edge over the Bella bullet blender because of the user’s reviews and the experience and also has a higher rating on Amazon. All the functions of both the blenders are nearly the same but the magic bullet blender is somewhat better than the Bella blender.

Magic Bullet vs. Oster My Blend

The Oster my blender is special designed as a sports blender, rather than an ordinary personal versatile blender. It is the best option for the peoples who likes to keeps smoothies and shakes with them while traveling or going outside or want to take to the office. This blender is not for spices, and ground coffee beans, and salsa. You can only blend the ingredients in it.Magic Bullet blender review

It has a powerful motor that crushes the ice at 400 watts and blending at 250 watts. Oster blender is good for smoothies and shakes, it is a little bit cheaper than magic blender in price.

Verdict: If you need the blender for only one purpose to make smoothies and shakes then it could be your right choice. But you are willing to buy a blender with more functions than the magic bullet blender is better than the Oster blender.

Final Word

Magic bullet blender could be the right choice if, you want to perform small tasks in your kitchen. Because it very convenient and quick in operations, secondly it is very cheap in prices and no more extra burden on your pocket. You can easily make smoothies, shakes, and grind spices, and it is very easy to clean just in minutes.

Few things are lacking in it like it is only for a single serving and not long-lasting as compared to countertop blenders. It is not that good for frozen ingredients and not for hot soups and sauces. Although it is the most popular blender because it provides the user the easy things to do and makes his life easy. We have compared it with other personal blenders so it will be easy for you to decide which is better according to your need.

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