Side effects of juicing and smoothies?

Fresh juices and smoothies are becoming popular among the peoples because of the health benefits and the vitamins and nutrients these drinks provide peoples.  When we are talking about the benefits of these fresh drinks then are some side effects of these healthy drinks if we don’t consult the medical practitioner and start drinking them by ourselves.

side effects of juices

These side effects are minimal just you need to take care of a few things and you can avoid them. Don’t be afraid that there are so many that can prevent you from taking fresh juices and smoothies as they have many more benefits rather than their risks. Fresh juices and smoothies are full of nutrients, a delicious drink for your kids and family, more energy, and most important there is clean and more hygienic juice at home.

Our main purpose to write this post is to let you know about the minor side effects of these juices and how you can prevent them and turn your juices into a more energetic source of energy and vitamins without having any loss to your health. We care about your health and always try to provide you useful information for a better living and a better healthy life.

Uncleansed food Illness

This is the major reason for spreading diseases as the uncleansed produce is the main source of food poisoning in the US as reported by the CDC. Although more peoples are victims of dairy products and more deaths are reported because of poultry. Melons are reported as the greatest risk for humans because the rough skin attracts the bacteria and mixed in when cutting the melon and the other cause of disease is the pre-cut leafy greens.

The CDC and FDA advise rinsing your produce in cold water. And don’t buy the pre-cut fruits and vegetables and don’t wash them any kind of soap that will again be a trouble for stomach and overall body health. If you don’t wash the fruits and vegetables thoroughly then there are high chances of viruses remain in them and go your stomach for further destroying your health.

The same is the case when you are going to make the juices or smoothies the bacteria will remain inside and you will drink them and they will cause infections and another disease. A research-based article published in the “Journal of Food protection” revealed that if you wash the apples with vinegar and water then both will help you to reduce the bacteria.

Nutritional Deficiency

If you are juice love and don’t try the other fruits that do not juice able then there is much possibility that after some time you may have the nutritional deficiency. You must also try that fruits too for better health and don’t just rely on juices and smoothies that are helpful for the health but at the same time sticking only one thing will not be good for your health.


Like guava, you can’t get juice from it but it important for your stomach and to provide other health benefits too. You must also try the other vegetable to fulfill your body requirement and other nutrients that are necessary for better health.

Actually, the fact is that when you get the juices from fruits and vegetables you will also lose the fiber that is another necessary element for health.

Digestive issues

Even though all the fruits and vegetables are for a healthy life, but juicing them sometimes may harm health. For example, when you are juicing too many fruits and vegetables together, as you know each fruit and vegetable has its own characteristics. Sorbitol is a kind of sugar that you will find in many fruits and it’s hard to digest quickly and it is normally found in apples, pears.

Sugars like these may cause the bacteria and lead to bad health and slow or hard digestion of these fruits will have a burden on the stomach and enzymes will take more time and effort to digest them and may cause the gas in the stomach as well.

Many peoples have faced nausea, upset stomach, gas, and diarrhea when they tried different fruits and vegetables to detox their bodies. Because our body is used to certain routine diets that we can easily digest and we often eat in our daily life and switching from eating to juicing may disturb the body’s functionalities and cause different problems to us.


Juicing is not that harmful to health rather it has a lot of benefits. It helps the peoples who don’t like to eat fruits and vegetables then they go to drink them in a short time but taking the juices without the consultation of the physician may lead to some bad consequences.


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