Top 5 Cold press Juicer under 300 to buy in 2021

Finding a cheaper affordable cold press juicer is not that easy when there are a lot of options available in the market.

Along with less price you also need a better and quality juicer that will not stop working at any time and costs you to buy another one.

You don’t need to worry to find around and spend your precious time selecting the best one, we brought for you the top 5 cold press juicers under 300 those will fulfill your needs and these are the best masticating juicers 2020. These juicers have most of the qualities of those expensive juicers can provide.

1-Omega J8006HDS Nutrition

Omega is one of the leading juicer manufacturers in the market that produces cold press juice. Its number of juicer models are proving the best quality juices to its user, and Omega J8006HDS is one of them.

This omega low-speed juicer has a lot of qualities at a cheap price that is available for less than $300. This omega cold press juicer consists of many features those make it unique and attracts buyer towards it.

Affordable Cold Press Juicer


This Omega J8006HDS juicer is made of high quality and hygienic melamine approved by FDA USA. Its Ultem Auger technology is 8 times stronger than other plastics augers. It has a powerful motor that generates power equivalent to 2HP and its auger runs at the speed of 80RPM.

The adjustable 5 settings end cap allows you to mix the different fruits or vegetables for a healthy and full of vitamins. 15 years Omega juicer warranty builds the user confidence in its products to use it with confidence.

The low-speed juicer is strong enough to produce fresh juices with less heat to give you a high yield of nutrients and minerals that are essential for health and keeps juices fresh for 72 hours.

The company is also proving the 15 years warranty adding another feature to its quality and performance.

Things It Can Do

Omega juicer is excellent in providing the maximum yield of juices from fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots, beets, grapes.

This slow juicer auger speed is 80 RPM that doesn’t produce the heat that doesn’t burn the nutrients of fruits and vegetables with less oxidation. the reviews and users experience show it as the best apple juicer for more juice and nutrients.

The juicer at the same time is beneficial for juicing the leafy greens, wheatgrass, spinach, cabbage, kale, etc. It is also the best juicer for celery as fast juicers don’t work better with celery. It takes out more amount of juices from leafs and keeps them fresh for almost 72 hours.  You can also make nutter butter, mince the herbs, and grind coffee, garlic.

Assembly & Cleaning

This juicing machine is straightforward to assemble for the first time, and it may take less than 3 minutes if you are a regular user of it.

At the same time dissembling this juicer after use is also very easy because of its few removable parts and you don’t need to read manuals every time.

Cleaning of this cold slow juicer is very easy, because it is abest juicer easy to clean and just remove the parts and clean them with a brush. Omega also suggested that keep the parts in warm water for 30 minutes, clean them and then let them dry for next use.

  • Low Speed
  • Less Oxidation
  • Juice freshness for long hours
  • Easy to assemble
  • FDA approved body material
  • Best budgeted price
  • Small chute
  • More prepping time


2-Omega MM900HDS Slow

Here we brought to you another low price cold masticating juicer that is available for $300 and could be within your budget. This affordable juicer is newly introduced by Omega Company in its cold press juicers series.

Like the other juicers of the company this juicer also works far better to provide the maximum yield of nutrients from juices and vegetables.

This juicer especially works well for leafy greens and celery. Most of the users have praised that it gives more juice to them as compared to conventional fast juicers who are unable to provide a high amount of juice.

Affordable Cold Press Juicer


Omega MM900HDS is made of high-quality FDA U.S approved technology that is less harmful to humans as compared to other plastics. It has a stone-mill like an auger that is much stronger to crush solid fruits and vegetables and converts them into liquid to get a high yield of nutrients.

It runs at a speed of 80 RPM with a 2HP motor that doesn’t produce any heat while juicing.

There is also an adjustable end cap that is for greens and celery juices with 3 adjustable pressure settings to extract the juices.

The wide chute of this juicer with hopper reduced the prepping time of the user. Its reverse function is adding another benefit to this juicer to avoid any clogging while juicing.


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Things It Can Do

This cold press juicer omega is as good as the other juicers of its line are for extracting the juice from fruits and vegetables. Some of the users also praised that it is the best juicer for greens and celery and some said that it gives more celery juice from other cold press juicers available on the market.

As far as our experience this juicer works efficiently with solid fruits and vegetables, even citrus fruits are its easy task to get more juices. You can also enjoy the juices of leafy greens, wheatgrass, and other natural products from where you can get eh juices are a piece of cake for this strong juicer.

Even when you get e juices from leafy greens it gets out the dry pulp this is an indication of its high efficiency.

One thing to remember that when you are going to get the juice from herbs, leafy greens and the best masticating juicer for celery then use the adjustable end cap with a green inner ring and turn the cap to increase the pressure and vice versa.

Assembly & Cleaning

This Omega juicer machine is very easy to assemble and dissemble. Its six removable parts from the motor base are easy to assemble for the first time. Just remember one thing that its lock function must be tightened when assembling and when dissemble also unlock it.

Cleaning of this juicer machine is very easy just disassemble all the removable parts and put them in warm water add two drops of baking soda and dib for 30 minutes. After that just clean them and let them dry for next time use.

  • Quiet Motor
  • Less Prepping time
  • Best for celery juice
  • High yield of nutrients
  • Less Oxidation
  • Heavy Weight


3-Aicook Slow Masticating

The slow masticating juicers may check your patience as they work very slowly as compared to centrifugal juicers, but you will have good results when it will provide you more juicer and nutrients from fruits and vegetables. They don’t shred the fruits and vegetables and have less exposure to oxidation as well.

Why most juicer lovers love to have a slow juicer in their kitchen because these juicers are more beneficial to extract a high amount of juice, minerals, and vitamins from fruits and vegetables and emit dry pulp, they are also the best entry-level juicer.

These masticating juicers have quite motor and the auger technology retains the fiber in juices and doesn’t produce heat that keeps the juices fresh around 72 hours.

Top 5 Cold Press Juicer under 200

Affordable Cold Press Juicer


Aicook Slow juicer is made of high-quality baby food-grade anti-oxidation materials BPA-free plastic with a touch key design that is less harm full for humans.

This auger runs at a speed of 70 RPM produces more juice with minimum oxidation and less buildup heat while juicing the fruits and vegetables.

This green juicer machine has a wide chute of 76mm like the centrifugal juicers that are wide enough to save you prep time.

This slow press juicer is equipped with a powerful 200W motor that runs at the auger will full force to extracts juice from leafy greens and celery and solid fruits like apples and carrots. 7-segment ceramic technology is used in its auger that makes it stronger to squeeze the objects for more juice extraction. Its quiet motor works under 60 decibels that is good for a silent environment.

Things It Can Do

This wonderful masticating machine is good enough to extract the juices from all kinds of fruits and vegetables with no problem at all. Its wide chute helps you to spend less time for juicing. You can get juice from carrots, oranges, root beets, leafy greens, wheatgrass, and celery without any clogging.

For instance, if anything is stuck in the auger house, you can use its reverse function that will ease the clogging, and you can keep your juicing activity smooth. The low rpm juicer benefits to produce less heat to preserve the minerals in the juices. it is a good grape juice extractor with other soft fruits like berries, cherries.

Its adjustable anti-drip valve reduces the waste of any juices and your work station remain clean and ensures that all the ingredients are properly squeezed to get the high yield of nutrient from your precious fruits.

Juicing through this slow juicer is quite better as it has less oxidation and no heat buildup that burns the minerals, so it keeps the juice fresh for almost 72 hours if you want to keep it in the freezer for later use. This is the best juicer for juicing greens and fruits and nuts to give your variety of recipes at home.

Its high-quality accessories help you to get home-made juices, ice cream, like banana, blueberry, blackberry, and other ice creams according to your wish. You can even make fresh juices for your kids to provide them fresh and digestible juices at low age to keep them healthy and full of nutrients.

This is not the end, if you are a citrus lover, then it would be your perfect choice to get juices from oranges and make your daily morning healthier with citrus juices, that’s why it is the best orange juicer.

Assembly & Cleaning

Aicook kept in mind will designing this masticating juicer because it is very easy to assemble even for the first time you don’t need to do much to assemble it. Its security lock makes it easy for you to assemble all the removable parts in less than one minute and dissembling is also very easy just unlock the safety button for washing it.

This quiet juicer cleaning process at the same time is very easy just disassemble the removable parts and clean them in the dishwasher and its BPA free plastic is not harmful for hands and body.

  • Wide Chute
  • Quiet Motor
  • Touch Key Function
  • High-Quality Ceramic Auger
  • Screen prone to break


4-SKG Slow Masticating Juicer

SKG is a well-known juicer manufacturing company in this cold press juicer products. They have a lot of juicers in the market with good feedback and trust in this company’s products by the users. In this article, we will discuss the masticating juicer that is affordable for the peoples who want to buy in less than $300.

This vertical design juicer has a cone-shaped auger with plastic blades, made of high-quality BPA-free plastic it comes with a wide chute with a flip-over design that reduces your time to some cutting to even no cutting required before juices the fruits and vegetables.

This slower juicer from SKG is getting famous among the users because of its output and quite slow motor that runs at 36 RPM. This slow juicing machine extracts a high yield of juices from fruits and vegetables with less effort due to its strong 250W motor.

Affordable Cold Press Juicer


All the working parts of these slow masticating juicers are made of high-quality BPA-free food-grade anti-oxidation materials. It has a 3.15-inch wide chute with a flip-over design that facilitates the user to reduce his/her prepping time from some to no cutting.

It has an opening of 1.75 inches wide that is for longer produce. The two chute opening is designed so you can insert the fruits and vegetables without any difficulty in size.

The 250W motor of this machine is powerful, with a quiet operation that is good for a healthy and peaceful environment in the kitchen and at home.

Its auger speed is 36RPM that is much slower than other cold press juicers that mean it can extract more mineral and nutrients from fruits and vegetables with almost whole dry pulp and provide you better juicing experience and prevents oxidation.

Things It Can Do

The large size of a masticating juicer can extract juices from different kinds of fruits and vegetables. Its 3.5 inches wide chute helps you to get eh juices from apples without cutting them into pieces or very little cutting is required just for the safety measure for the juicer.

Its fine strainer provides you more juice and a rough strainer to get more pulp.

You can easily get the juices from leafy greens, celery, and citruses like oranges. Its power auger squeezes the items and converts them into juices with less power force and ejects the dry pulp.

It is slow speed at 36RPM takes out every drop of juice from fruits and vegetables that are full of minerals and nutrients beneficial for the health.

Its reverse function prevents clogging in the auger jar. Based on our experience this juicer produces more juices from oranges 70%, apples 78%, celery 80.5%, and carrot 55%.

This more extraction of juice attracts the buyers to buy a cold press juicer at an affordable price and it can be an excellent addition to your kitchen. It is one of the best vertical masticating juicers on Amazon.

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Assembly & Cleaning

This slow-speed juicer is user-friendly and very easy to assemble for the first time, it looks complicated because of its design, but when you start assembling, then it is effortless to do so. Dissembling also very easy at the same time just unlock the button and remove the parts easily.

This slow masticating juicer is very simple and easy to clean. You can put some water in the auger chamber and use the reverse function and it will remove all the residue from it.

A cleaning brush is also provided by the company that makes it easy to clean the chamber and strainers to clean any remains in the strainer and just wash them gently.

  • Wide Chute 3.15″
  • Two juicing screens
  • Slow RPM for more juice
  • Best affordable price
  • Not Dishwasher safe


5-HUROM hp Slow Juicer

Normally a cold press juice costs you a minimum of $10 if you buy from the market, and it also strains your pocket if you are regularly taking the cold press juices. In this case, you will prefer to buy a cold press juicer and start juicing at home.

But the first question that comes to your mind is which is the best juicer and how much it will cost me.

Here we brought to you a Hurom cold press juicer that is fit to many budget juicers for the peoples. Its slow RPM technology provide s you with a high yield of juices at home and gradually you will start saving money by juicing at home.

Its BPA-free plastic and strong motor extract a high amount of nutrients from fruits and vegetables.

Top 5 Cold Press Juicer under 100

Affordable Cold Press Juicer


Hurom hp slow juicer is made of high-quality BPA plastic with a heavy-duty Ultem strainer and auger that are 8 times stronger than other plastics. Its slow 150W slow speed motor is quiet in operation.

The auger runs at 43RPM that is best enough to extract the high yield of nutrients from fruits and vegetables of all kind. Hurom has a dual safety sensor that allows the machine to operate if all the parts are correctly fitted.

A built-in cooling fan is another added feature that prevents the overheating of the juicer to avoid any hazardous moment and keeps the machine cold while juicing without burning any of its nutrients in the juices. The company is also providing 10 years of warranty with two years parts warranty that features is it a good choice for a home at an affordable price and for you it is the best budget juicer.

Things It Can Do

Hurom juicers can extract juices from all kinds of fruits and vegetables with ease. If you are juicing multiple items then rotate them like first input the apples, carrots then celery, etc. this is just a precautionary measure for your product’s long life and to avoid any clogging in the auger chamber.

Some leafy greens like celery may cause clogging so it’s better to cut the celery and leafy greens into pieces to prevent clogging to avoid any trouble to your machine. Its slow speed Auger and Ultem technology make it strong enough that it can squeeze the ingredients and takes out each drop of nutrients and minerals.

You can juice plenty of fruits and vegetables, wheatgrass, beetroots, ginger, pineapples, pears, and so on and this juicer will emit the dry pulp to maximize your yield from your precious items and saves you money. above are the main benefits of a slow juicer to provide a high yield of nutrients and vitamins.

Assembly & Cleaning

This small juicer is very easy to assemble even when you assemble it the first time. Its duplicate safety sensor helps you top check that either all the parts are perfectly assembled or not. If the parts are correctly fitted it will not allow the machine to run which is an indication that something is properly fitted.

At the same time dissembling this masticating juicer is as simple as the assembly. Just unlock the safety system and remove the detachable parts. It will take one to 2 minutes to assemble and disassemble this juicer and it will save you a hell of a time.

The auto-cleaning system of this juicer is very easy even you don’t need to spend much time cleaning. Just put some water in the auger chamber and run the machine, it will clean all the residue and then drain out the remains from the chamber.

The company has also provided a cleaning brush with its products that helps you to clean the strainer so nothing should be stuck in the strainers.

  • Affordable Price
  • Quiet Motor
  • Duplicate safety sensor
  • Auto-cleaning system
  • BPA free parts
  • High yield of nutrients
  • More prepping time
  • All parts are not dishwasher friendly


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