Vitamix 5200 vs 750: Which Blender is best and why?

Vitamix is one of the known companies in the home appliances industry and specialized in manufacturing high-quality blenders since1932. Vitamix has introduced several models of blenders in the market with different types and specifications according to the needs of the users. The company has launched blenders starting from home use to professional-grade blenders that are making their space in the market by providing the best performance and durability over the years.

Vitamix 5200 VS Vitamix 750

In this post, we will compare the two topmost and most demanding blenders of Vitamix 5200 and 750 respectively. The Vitamix 5200 blender is an older one and the Vitamix 750 blender is the new addition in the Vitamix blender series. Both the blenders have good reviews and performance quality but there is a little bit different than we will review here to give you the true picture to decide which is better for you and why. We will cover every aspect of both blenders their specification, performance, durability, motor power, blending capacity, and price.

Let’s start to compare both the blenders and find out the point that makes the other one better than the other. Our review is totally based on when we have tested and checked and without any bios or likings and disliking.

SpecificationVitamix 5200Vitamix 750
20.5 x 7.25 x 8.75 in
7.72 x 9.41 x 17.4 in
2-peak HP motor
2.2-peak HP motor
Preset function
20.5 in tall (with the container in place)
17.4 in tall (with the container in place)
Best for
Churn, chop, blend, grind, and heat
Churn, chop, blend, grind, and heat
Laser-cut stainless steel (3-inch in diameter)
Laser-cut stainless steel (4-inch in diameter)
Variable Speed
BPA-free plastic
BPA-free plastic
13 lbs.

12.46 lbs.

Warranty7 years7 years
Check Price

Motor Power

Whenever you are going to buy a blender you always focus on the motor power of any blender that how fast it works and rotates the blades to cut down the ingredients. Both the blenders are different motor power:

Vitamix 5200: The motor power of Vitamix 5200 is 2 HP peak that is equivalent to 1440 Watts that fast enough for a home user and it can blender the ingredients in very short of time with high speed and more power.

Vitamix 750: However the Vitamix 750 blender has a slight edge over the 5200 in that it has a 2.2HP peak strong motor that is equal to 1500 watts so it means the Vitamix 750’s motor is more powerful and it also has the next-generation model of the motor. Vitamix 750 is less noisy as compared to Vitamix 5200 and its noise is around 40-50% less than 5200 blender. So if you are noisy sensitive that 750 is a good option for you.

Winner:  In our opinion, the Vitamix 750 is the winner because it has a more powerful motor and upgraded motor.


Vitamix 5200: Vitamix 5200 has a 64 oz blender capacity that is good for a family serving that is made of high-quality BPA-free material and not harmful for the health.

Vitamix 750: Vitamix 750 also has the same capacity large container of 64 Oz but it is a little wider than the 5200 blender because the 750 blender has wider blades that help to reduce the blending time.

Winner: Vitamix 750 is a little better in jar capacity and design. But bother are good for making large smoothies and soups and other recipes.


The blades in both blenders are almost the same but in 750 a little better.

Vitamix 5200: The blades used in this blender are 3 inches wide and made of stainless steel material and have a laser-cut technology and installed at a slightly higher angle. This shows that the blades are so sharp they cut down the ingredients into pieces easily. The blades are a little less wide because of the pitcher.

Vitamix 750: the pitcher of the Vitamix 750 is a little wider so it has 4-inches wide diameter blades that are a little wider than 5200 and also made of stainless material with a laser-cut feature. The blades are placed lower in the container than Vitamix 5200.

Both the blenders are almost identical in their blades performance although 750 has wider blades but same in performance as both can cut the vegetables, make smoothies, ice, and other recipes in the same way.

Winner: Here both are the same in performance so it is tied even the 750 has wider blades (a minute difference) but both are doing the same job.

 Speed Controls

If we talk about the speed controls of both blenders then there is not that much difference even they look the same. Both blenders have two toggles and one dial on the motor base.

Vitamix 5200: In Vitamix 5200 the right side toggle is for the on/off function that supplies the power to the motor to turn on and off. The dial is in the middle of both the toggles that have 10 positions dial function to adjust motor speed according to the ingredients either you are blending hard or soft ingredients. The position is for the lower speed and 10 for the high speed unless you have set the left toggle at a High level.

The left side toggle is for high speed that if you hold the upside then the motor will operate at high speed and the lower bottom side for variable function and this toggle override the speed dial. This pulse function is helpful for the user when you need to make different recipes like salsa, think vegetables, and soups.

Vitamix 750: The Vitamix 750 is almost the same as the 5200 but the difference is the Pulse system the Vitamix 5200 doesn’t have. Pulse function is essential when you need to some recipes that need some additional items while blending like the puree in chich you need to add some chunky pieces. If you want to make the salsa you also need the pulse function too because you need to add the peppers and onion while blending in small chunks.

The left side toggle is for pulse function and the right side toggle is to on/off the motor and in the middle, the speed dial is placed that has 10 positions. So there is not that much difference in speed control of both the blenders.

Winner: in our opinion, the Vitamix 750 is a winner because it has a pulse function that is necessary in blenders to make different recipes.

 Noise Levels

The most annoying thing in the morning when you are in deep sleep and someone turns on the blender and its sounds are just breaking the ears.  No one blender is quiet but some blenders have less noise.

Vitamix 5200:  Vitamix 5200 has a little more noise as compare to Vitamix 750 and this obvious because all the blenders have the noise either you are making the smoothies or crushing the ice.

Vitamix 750: when are have tested the 750 blender it has almost 40% less noise than the Vitamix 5200 it doesn’t mean that it has less noise but somehow better than his sibling 5200. Even the 750 is louder than you can easily hear the other voice.

Winner: Here the Vitamix 750 is the winner as it produces 40% less noise than Vitamix 5200.


Both blenders are capable of making different recipes of many types and there is not such a great difference in them for making the recipes.

Vitamix 5200:  With the Vitamix 5200 you can make a lot of recipes like smoothies, crushing ice, soups, fruits sorbets, baby foods, nut butter, frozen desserts, shakes, and large meals for the whole with a lot more with this blender.

Vitamix 750: Vitamix 750 can also make all the recipes that 5200 can make but there is a little bit of edge to Vitamix 750 that is the pulse function that gives it more versatility and making smoothies and soups is a bit easy with Vitamix 750 blender. Not only the above recipes you can also chop the vegetables, grind seeds etc. with these two blenders.

Winner: Hence the Vitamix 750 has a pulse function so it is the winner here.

 Easy to clean

Both blenders have a “self-cleaning system” which doesn’t mean that it will clean itself after every time you make your favorite smoothies and go away to enjoy. But you just need to do a little to clean the blender with simple and easy steps.

Vitamix 5200:  the self-cleaning system in Vitamix is that you just need to put some warm water and add soap in the pitcher and turn on the machine and it washout anything remain the pitcher. Just increase the speed slowly so the soapy water reaches the upper seal and it will clean it easily

Vitamix 750:  The Vitamix 750 also has the same process of self-cleaning but few things you need to remember that the pitchers are not dishwasher safe, if you put the pitchers in the dishwasher then it will ruin the seals. One more thing that you must clean the pitchers manually once or twice a week for their better performance and long-lasting.

Winner: It’s a tie as both the blenders have the same cleaning process.


The accessories with both blenders are not that much different as almost all the things are the same except a few of them.

Vitamix 5200:  In the box of Vitamix 5200 you will get a 2 HP peak motor base, a 64-ounce pitcher, a starting guide, a classic temper, and a DVD

Vitamix 750:  In the box of Vitamix 750 you will get a 2.2 HOP peak motor base, a low profile 64 oz container, a starting guide, a cookbook, a DVD, and a low profile tamper.

Winner: Again it is a tie as both have the same accessories.


All the Vitamix blenders have a warranty that boosts the user’s confidence in the product and its performance to conformance and durability of the blender.

Vitamix 5200:  Vitamix 5200 has a 7 years warranty on the parts that ensure the durability and long-lasting performance of the product.

Vitamix 750:  Same is the case with Vitamix 750 it also comes with a 7 years of warranty on the parts and performance of the blender.

Winner: it is tie again as both have seven years warranty.


Whenever you buy a products you always pay for the quality of the product and its functionality. The price of both blenders is different.

Vitamix 5200:  Vitamix 5200 is less costly as compared to the 750 model that has a high price.

Vitamix 750:  750 is a costly blender as compare to Vitamix 5200 but it pays you back if it is high in price and it is also the new modes of the Vitamix because we have discussed all the possible aspects in our review above.

Winner: price-wise the Vitamix 5200 is the winner as it is an old version


 Wrap up

In our review, we have tried our best to cover the maximum information to provide you a true picture that which one is the best. If you seek our opinion about both blenders then we will recommend you the Vitamix 750 because it has 2.2 HP peak motor power and additional preset function that distinguishes it over the Vitamix 5200. but if you are budget conscious then the Vitamix 5200 is a better choice for you.


Is Vitamix 750 worth it?

 Yes, because the Vitamix 750 has a powerful motor so whatever you want to blend from smoothies to soups just throw the ingredients in and see the magic of this blender.

Here are the best Vitamix blenders on Amazon:

  • Vitamix 5200
  • Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series.
  • Vitamix A2300 Ascent Series
  • Vitamix 5300 Blender
  • Vitamix Professional Series 750

Is Vitamix worth the hype?

Yes of course, because the Vitamix blender is good in performance with powerful motors that are capable to crush the ice, make smoothies and soups, and a lot of other recipes.

What makes Vitamix so special?

The convenience of work makes the Vitamix blenders the first choice of most customers. It helps you to reduce your time and efforts to make different recipes through their high-speed motors.

 What’s better Vitamix or ninja?

The Vitamix blender has a little edge over the Ninja blenders for its simple and better performance. It doesn’t mean that Ninja is for no use but in some cases, it performs very well.


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