What are the Best oranges for juicing?

In this, we will discuss that what are the best oranges for juicing as the oranges are full of natural minerals and vitamins that are the main source to provide Vitamin C, fiber, folate, antioxidants, thiamine. You can eat the oranges and the other way is that you can get juice from them from any cold press juicer or you can squeeze them with a manual juicer extractor to drink the fresh and juicing an orange at home with more minerals.

All the oranges are not good to extract the juices rather than there are some types of oranges from which you extract the juice because some of the oranges are too bitter to eat or drink. We have selected the main 5 types of oranges that can provide you good juice and more minerals and vitamins and good taste and juicing oranges have many health benefits that you can’t deny.

Mostly peoples don’t like to peel the orange and eat it but they prefer to extract the juice and keep in the freezer for later use that makes it easy to take it any time after a meal or when they have mood to drink something healthy. All the oranges have lemon, citrus that tastes good because lemonine is a phytonutrient with cancer cell growth-inhibiting properties and it can fight against many health diseases in many cases.

It is always suggested that you should consult your physician before starting the orange juice in your meals. We have selected these five types on the basis of their, bitterness, sweetness, flavor, juice, and affordability. The below types of oranges are good for health in all aspects and provide you the required energy and nutrients in your daily routine life and remember juicing oranges with peel will never be a good idea.

1-Navel Oranges 

Navel oranges are generally characterized by a small secondary growth integrated in the manner of a navel on the upper part of the fruit. Navels oranges are best suited to the Mediterranean climate in which they achieve a very beautiful interior and exterior coloring as well as an excellent taste quality.

The fruits ripen very early and are commercially seedless. They are known for their size, crunchy texture, excellent flavor, and the ease with which they are peeled and shared. Navel oranges should preferably be eaten fresh.

orange types

Navel oranges should preferably be eaten fresh. Now the question arises are navel oranges good for juicing, the answer is yes but it has a bitter taste that develops quickly, most of the time. Navel orange juice will have an unpleasant taste if it is not consumed quickly.

You must also consider buying the best navel oranges to get the high juice but need to drink quickly after juicing and better to drink within two hours after extracting the juice because is the best time to drink orange juice.

2-Blood Orange 

When you peel an orange and get the exciting ruby blood color then you are eating the blood orange. These blood oranges are rich in taste and have beautiful colors inside. These oranges typically are smaller than the other types of oranges and may have a little reddish outer skin that seems beautiful in the first look. No doubt that the Blood oranges are the best oranges for eating due to their taste.

juice in an orange

Blood oranges have fewer seeds and easy to peel but rich in juice. These are sweeter and with some tartness and if you want to extract juice from them you can do so but you have to drink on the same day otherwise they may become bitter in taste.

The quantity of juice in one orange depends on its variety as the Blood oranges have high potassium and dietary fibers because a single blood orange contains 70 calories and 75% vitamin C and antioxidants, so the single orange is enough in a day to eat.

3-Clementine Oranges 

Clementine oranges are small in size like a golf ball and are rich in juice. These oranges contain a variety of minerals and vitamins that are essential for health. One clementine oranges calories, protein, fat, carbs, fiber, vitamin C, folate, and Thiamine nutrients with a natural sweetness.

best orange juice

All the oranges have Vitamin C and the clementine is also rich in provide vitamin C and the one orange provides 40% of your daily requirement.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant and boost s the immunity to help prevent cell damages from harmful compounds that are known as free radicals in the body. You can also extract their juice but you may need more oranges to get juice because they are small in size.


4-Tangelo Oranges

This is another tasteful type of oranges and good for juicing purposes with a lot of health benefits. Tangelo oranges are small in size and citrus hybrid, this type of oranges is a cross of orange and grapefruit. These oranges have a tart and tangy flavor, citrus taste, and rich in vitamins.

orange varieties

A medium-size tangelo has a lot of vitamins, like calories, fat, sodium, carbohydrates, fiber, sugar, proteins, and Vitamin C.

These vitamins and natural characteristics help the human body to fight against many diseases like oxidative stress, heart health, reduces IBS symptoms, and allergies. You can also extract the juices from these oranges as they are rich juicy tangelos.


5-Valencia Oranges

The Valencia oranges are named because of the city of Valencia in Spain, but its actual origin is not yet known. These Valencia oranges are rich in juice content and also available in the best juice orangesoffseason that’s why these are very famous and easily available in the market. Valencia orange has thick skin with few seeds and good in taste. Most users have rated it as one of the best oranges for juice.

Valencia oranges Aare rich in providing vitamins and minerals, as they have 60 calories and 116% of vitamin C for daily use, 10% folate, 8% thiamin, 13% dietary folate, 7% potassium, 6% vitamin A, and 5% calcium in them. These full of nutrients oranges are good contain antioxidants and help to boost the immunity system in the body.


Final Words

After reading the above characteristics of each orange you may start loving some of them as I did. But you need to consider that there are many varieties of oranges and some of them are the best oranges for juicing and some you may prefer to eat. Some oranges are easy to peel, have good taste, rich for juicing. The question is which one you like to eat or drink, we should recommend you that mix two oranges for juicing to get a better taste and variety.

Like the Blood oranges I like their taste and love to eat them and Valencia and clementine oranges I would like to extract juice from them and drink it. It is preferable for you to select the cold press juicer if you want more juice and natural taste from the oranges and the fast juicers orange juice fast but burn the taste and nutrients in it. You may also try other juicer oranges but we prefer the slow juicers as this is the best juicer for oranges.



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